March Blog Challenge – 28

March blog challenge

My Guilty Pleasure

Now here’s a post that can get me into some serious trouble – hence the world GUILTY.  Since I do have family (including my children), who read my blog, I will stick with a tame topic. 😉

Ice Cream.  Ice cream is my tame guilty pleasure.  I eat ice cream almost every day.  Smothered in a thick layer of Hershey’s chocolate syrup.  It’s fabulous!  To counteract the calories of eating ice cream daily, I try to buy sugar free or light ice cream just to cut them back a little.  But this works in my favor as well, for I will buy one ice cream that is “diet” and one regular.  My family knows they are not allowed to touch any ice cream if it is remotely “diet”.  That’s MY ice cream.  Yes I’m stingy when it comes to my ice cream.  But it hits the spot at the end of a long day.  Just like one person may enjoy a nice cold beer to relax, for me, it’s the smooth creaminess of ice cream coated in that chocolate syrup as it slides down my throat.  It’s divine!


ice cream


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