My Daughter’s First Car

Last night I purchased my 13-year-old’s first car….or at least what will probably become her first car.  That’s the light-hearted stance I’m taking on it anyway.  As we continue down this financial abyss with my husband’s unemployment issues, I continue to snip and cut our finances here and there.  Ironically, our situation has made us create more bills since we have been needing to rely on credit cards to get us through some of this, while other areas of our life are paying the consequences.  The latest casualty – my car.


Yep – I had to say goodbye to my do-everything, go-anywhere, take-everyone vehicle.  I need a smaller payment.  I need to spend less on gas.  Besides, there is no way I can magically come up with a payment this month.  So, we bid adieu to this piece of our family.

Now of course, I still need reliability, so I couldn’t go as cheap as I should have, or I would risk losing the reliability I need to haul my children from place to place.  We were lucky enough to find a great deal on what is actually a newer vehicle than the one I had, so even though I have lost some of the luxuries of my Acadia, I don’t feel like a complete failure.  Not that I am letting a  vehicle define who I am, it is after all just a hunk of metal, but we Americans do love our cars!  So I welcome the newest member of our family, and what I believe will be my baby’s first car when the time comes.


By Kris Heaton Posted in Money

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