Victory & Success?

Today, for my reading, I pulled the Victory & Success Card, This card reads:


Good news is on the way! The qualities of this positive card are completion, victory, and success that often follow a difficult period. Many people around you are very proud to see how you triumphantly came through it. They respect you and may even attempt to follow your example. You’ve worked hard and devoted much effort to get to this point i your life,where you’ve become wiser and have grown in so many ways. Always remember to stop and pat yourself on the back-You deserve it!

This card also reminds you to stay grounded, remember where you came from, and keep your ego in check — don’t lose who you really are. This victory can be used as a teaching tool for the future. Realize that if you came through this challenging time, You can achieve anything!

I hope that means my current actions and decisions are paying off.  We shall soon find out!


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