Still Adjusting

closerA week and a half ago, I wrote about how I’ve been dropping my Prozac dosage, and I had dropped it again when I wrote that blog (Weaning).  It has been a little adjustment, I won’t lie.  There have been a few moments in this past week that threw my emotions in a tailspin, but I managed to pull myself through them.  How?  Talking with people who care.  That’s right, I still believe talking is extremely important!  I used to bottle up my hurt emotions until they would fester into angry emotions and I would explode.  I vow to not do that anymore.  If something is bothering you, talk about it!  One of two things may happen: 1) Either by voicing your concerns you may realize how silly they may sound and then you’ll feel better; or 2) By reaching out to someone else, you may just get feedback, insight, whatever you want to call it, to set your thinking straight.  A re-direction of thought if you will.

So yes, I am finding that dropping a drug that has controlled my emotions for so long is a bit challenging, but it can be done.  I continue to love and appreciate the people in my life who are willing to actually listen to my “issues” regardless of how trivial or serious they may be.  It is the little things that really mean so very much.  It is the little things that weave together the strong bond we call love.

listenlove 2

By Kris Heaton Posted in Therapy

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