My Flaws


This is my favorite quote.  Why?  Because this is me.  Many people who meet me may not see that this is me, because I have worked hard to hide these attributes.  But in all reality, aren’t we all this way?  Some of us are just better at hiding it than others.  Some of us have had help learning to hide these parts of ourselves.  Some of us have just learned through trial and error over time.  And yes, I hide them well – most of the time.  But they are still there – my flaws as society would label them. But are they really flaws?  How can something that is so much a part of human nature be considered a flaw?  Well, regardless of what you call them, I claim them.  They are a part of who I am.  I will continue to follow society’s rules and hide “my flaws” (well try anyway – I’m still working on them), but I am thankful God has put people in my life who are aware of them and accept me for who I am anyway.  Thank you – and to you I will give my best.  ❤


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