The Ups and Downs of Mother’s Day


Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the U.S.  A day where mom gets a break and should be treated like a queen, right?  Not necessarily.  Well at least I do have a talent for looking at the bright side of things!  Here is how my Mother’s Day went.



  •  My hubby had to work.
  • Hey – he’s finally working – even if it is for pennies!
  • The kids slept until noon. 
  • At least it was nice and quiet
  • Took my youngest searching for pinecones in the woods.  We didn’t find any
  • It was a beautiful day for a walk out in the woods to enjoy nature! 
  • I hate to cook, and I had to start my own dinner. 
  • Ummmm…..struggling here
  • Discovered a messy leak under the kitchen sink. 
  • Yeah – no positive here.
  • Worked in the yard on a landscaping project no one wanted to help with.
  • Hubby got home just in time to “show me what I was doing wrong” 😉 
  • Still had to do the laundry 
  • I’ve got nothing here.
  • Still had to yell at the kids to cleanup and stop fighting
  •  I received this on my facebook wall from my beautiful daughter:

MomSo it wasn’t all breakfast in bed and roses, but hey – I actually enjoyed the day, and I have to admit, Motherhood does have its own rewards – even if they don’t show up in a timely manner as dictated by the calendar.  🙂

Mother's Day


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