Wow – is it truly possible that I am on my 300th post?   Next month I will have been blogging for three years, so I guess so!  It’s strange to think that I’ve opened up my life to you (my readers) for so long.  After reading just how crazy I am through these 300 posts, it’s a wonder anyone in my life is still talking to me!  LOL  So for my 300th blog, I give you this:


300 blogs

Detailing my stress

My highs and my lows

Even my loneliness


The trials and errors

of being a parent

A wife, a daughter, a friend,

Attempting to be transparent


Just another human

Dealing with strife

Searching for answers

Trying to make it through this life


Seeking understanding

A virtual camaraderie at best

Perhaps brightening someone’s day

Chasing away a little emptiness


Sharing a little commonality

That we all have on this earth

We all seek acceptance and love

We all struggle from birth


We all have needs

Wants and desires

And a passion deep within

Just waiting to transpire


So be a little more compassionate

hold back the want to throw blame

You don’t have to love one another

Just know we are ultimately the same


By Kris Heaton Posted in Poetry

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