Today marks mine and my husband’s 21st wedding anniversary, and 25 years together. That’s more than half my life!  But what a wonderful life it has been.  I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man.

He’s not perfect, but neither am I.  We have learned to accept each other’s flaws as a part of the person we each fell in love with and are still in love with.  What keeps us in love?  I think, no I KNOW it’s the little things.  In honor of 21 years of marriage, here are 21 “little things” that make my love for my husband grow stronger with each passing day.

  1. We keep the lines of communication open. We’ve learned that a good relationship cannot be a guessing game.  Communication is extremely important to prevent misunderstandings, doubts, and even fears from creeping in.  Besides, it just good common courtesy and shows respect for the person you share your life with.
  2. He lets me vent.  I can tell him when something frustrates me, and he listens.  That’s it.  Nothing more.  He understands that sometimes I just need to vent or get something off my chest.  Once it’s out, and a weight has been lifted off my shoulder, we can resume our daily activities without that added stress.
  3. He buys me straws – Yes I said straws  To understand, you need to read a blog written by my best friend, Tina Melendy:  http://my1stmarathon.wordpress.com/2013/01/10/love-and-straws/.
  4. If I crawl in bed at night without preparing the coffee pot for the morning’s coffee, he will get out of bed and do it for me.  On the mornings that he is up before me, he brings me a cup of coffee in bed.
  5. He knows, better than I do, what wines I like and will buy/order them for me.
  6. He cooks for me – and sometimes even brings me lunch at work.
  7. When he runs to the gas station to buy a pack of cigarettes, he will bring me home a Dove dark chocolate candy bar (or strawberry Twizzlers if they are out) – my favorites.
  8. He picks out the best clothes for me – he has remarkable taste.  🙂
  9. He washes my car when I’m not expecting it.
  10. He cleans the house – more importantly, he cleans the bathroom!
  11. He does the laundry.
  12. If I feel a burning need to change my hair style, hair color, the wall color, room decor, or even the way a room is arranged – anything at all – he goes along with it.
  13. He loves the shape of my body – even when I don’t.
  14. He accepts my friends – even the ones that drive him crazy.
  15. He doesn’t complain when I want to watch “chick flicks” (with him).
  16. He allows me to watch Rocky IV for the 10,000th time when I see it’s on tv.
  17. We share a crazy love for Halloween and things of a “dark” nature.
  18. He goes along with my crazy ideas – such as when I recently decided to paint a wall in the garage with chalkboard paint so I could write on the wall – he just said, “If that’s what you want.”
  19. He keeps an open mind to all possibilities – acknowledging nothing is impossible, nothing is set in stone and there are many shades of gray in this world – not just black and white.
  20. And one that isn’t so little:  I am into spirituality, numerology, mysticism, and the like. I get psychic readings, I own tarot cards, I light candles with a purpose. I pray to Mother and Father God. I believe in spirit guides. I believe in the unseen. I believe in reincarnation. Was I into all this 21 years ago? No. I was still trying to find who I was and what my beliefs were. Does my husband believe all this? No. But he respects my beliefs none-the-less. He doesn’t question my beliefs. He doesn’t challenge them. He accepts them as a part of me, and he doesn’t criticize me for those beliefs.
  21. Last, but most definitely not least, he sent me this: “Sitting next to you doing absolutely nothing, means absolutely everything to me.”  It means everything to me too Baby.  Thank you for a fabulous 21/25 years.

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