I Challenge You to Find Yours

numerologyAs I’ve mentioned (several times), I am into numerology.  Your “Life Path number” is a more accurate indicator of who you are than astrology is.  Most people I have introduced to numerology have agreed that their Life Path number is pretty accurate. So I challenge you to open your mind to the possibilities of the universe and find your Life Path number.

To find your life path number, you need to add the digits of your birth month, day and year together to reduce them down to a single digit

Example: December 20, 1987 (no this is not my birth date)

12, 20, 1987
1+2+2+0+1+9+8+7= 30
3+0= 3

Once you have found your life path number, then click here  to find what your life path says about you.  🙂

My Life Path is a 3, and yes it is quite accurate.

The Communicator

When on track, you’re always performing or taking center stage in some way:

You love creativity, communication, and connecting with people. 3’s are often the entertainers of the world. You love being listened to, and are often on the phone or internet connecting with people. Writing is a big deal to you, as it’s another form of communication. Anything having to do with the written word is appealing to you.
In personal relationships, you can also be very romantic. You’re fiercely loyal, and you truly never get over your past relationships. Even when the relationship ends, for a 3 it’s never quite over.

When you’re not expressing yourself creatively, you’ll manifest some sort of drama. You sometimes embellish what’s going on to make your life more interesting. Watch a child who’s a 3 at their storytelling and you’ll notice they always exaggerate. The same can be said for 3 adults. If they use this tendency in a positive way, channeling it into motivational speaking, singing, or acting, they can keep it healthy.

Your life path needs people. When you go home to check your messages, and there are none, then you can feel a real sense of rejection. In relationships, you don’t always see the situation for what it really is until you get burned. Since 3’s are natural counselors who see the potential in others, you often pick a partner who is a “patient,” with the thought that you can save that person. This tendency often leads you into depression. Everything is going great one minute and the next, BOOM! The 3 crash-lands. You have to guard against extreme highs and lows. You must learn to control your emotions, and look for the middle ground.

The creative 3 doesn’t do well with the standard nine-to-five job, when someone is slow thinking, it will frustrate you. At the same time, you must guard against becoming too domineering when you’re in charge. If you’re caught in a dead-end job or lifestyle, you can get caught up in some pretty situations that may be hard to get out of. You have to use your creative gifts. You can seem manic-depressive, experiencing intense mood swings if you’re not using your talents.

You must be careful with who you spend time with. You’re warm and giving by nature, and tend to attract world-class takers. If you find that you’re always the giver in the relationship, and there is no reciprocation, it will lead to bitterness. You must learn to walk away from relationships that are unbalanced.

Your strength of mind and sharp wit often put you ahead of the crowd. When your living on the positive side of the 3 Life, you’re clever, entertaining, and great for company. You’re a joy to be around. You’re known for your trademark smile, bright eyes, and pleasant-sounding voice. If you’re living on the negative side, you can spread gossip, and have a difficult time keeping a secret. Learning to bite your tongue would be wise. One of the gifts that a 3 does possess is to take an adverse condition and flip it around to benefit you and others. You understand intuitively that sometimes you have to go through the negative to reach the positive. You use that fine sense of humor to get through the bad days. Laughter is what saves you.

If this doesn’t sound like you, that you cannot express yourself at all, this might mean that you have scars from your original family; that your parents, no matter how caring, did not give you that round of applause that you so needed as a child. It is important to heal yourself so that you can be the person you were born to be. Trust that you can find your way to effortless self-expression, and you will. It’s never too late.

Common Occupations:
You can make an excellent salesperson. If you believe in something, by the time you’re done talking to that person, they’ll believe in it too. 3’s make great entertainers, models, actors, designers, musicians, singers, comedians, or any type of performer. You’d also shine in the world of cosmetology, hairdressing, fashion, and jewelry design. The reason is simple: You want the world to look better. You take a look at a someone and say, “How can I make that person better-looking and special?” You’re a natural clown. You want to enjoy life, and never quite grow up.

A healthy 3 is upbeat, enthusiastic, and optimistic about themselves and others:

The downside: The creative 3 doesn’t do well with the standard nine-to-five job. If stuck, the negative 3’s can can create some pretty wild drama in their lives. They make up stories and exaggerate the truth, because they don’t want life to be run of the mill. They have to use their creative gift. They can seem manic-depressive, experiencing violent mood swings if they’re not using they’re talent.
Your Affirmations:

Because so many 3’s wind up in some form on entertainment, here is an excellent affirmation regarding that dream: If indeed it is your dream to be famous and successful, a great affirmation would be: “I welcome my fame and fortune today.” “I trust the process of life, and in the movies of my mind, I am loved and at peace.”


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