Young Entrepreneurs

My girls have been on summer vacation from school for almost a month now.  Even though Klara spent two weeks with Grandma, and Virginia went a week to Boston, it seems the boredom may be starting to set in.  Of course, they aren’t bored enough to clean the house – heaven forbid that should EVER happen!  I have even offered to bring back allowances for them to clean.  But instead, it seems bored = trash the house.


But now this week, being bored equated to something completely different for Klara and her friend.  They decided they wanted to make money and start a business. So while I was at work, and completely unaware of the situation, these two pre-teens created the following flyer and delivered them around the neighborhood.  The part you don’t see – Klara’s email address was on the flyer. What you also don’t see is me smacking my forehead in a state of “what-the-hellness” – No that’s not a legitimate word, but I’m making that a word now.

So dear Daddy made her and her friend retrieve all the flyers she passed out (only Heaven knows if she really did).  I have to give her credit for her ingenuity, but for now I think she will have to stick to making money the old-fashioned way – doing household chores!

By Kris Heaton Posted in Kids

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