blog updatesSo I’ve gone back and have been re-reading my blog posts, and it has occurred to me that I should provide some updates!

Family My parents are still doing a remarkable job raising my cousin’s two children.  They have made a lot of sacrifices and have went through many struggles with the situation, but they are

The Red Queen – Unfortunately she hasn’t moved. She’s still ever present in “Wonderland”.  I hesitate to say things have been quiet, because I know that means I will jinx the situation – but it hasn’t been unbearable lately.

Kill Me Now and Doctor’s Orders – These have gone by the wayside.  I’m still eating chocolate and drinking my coffee.  What can I say?

A Leap of Faith – My Dear friend and I have reconciled our silliness and have moved on from it – and I am so very thankful!  We are still terrific friends and I love getting together with her.  She always makes me laugh!  I shouldn’t call her my friend.  She is more than that.  I should call her my sister!  ❤

Here We Go Again – I am happy to report (I think) – that I have been “on the wagon” for 15 months now.  🙂  I Miss you World of Warcraft – But I realize now you just suck too much out of my time.

I’ve Been Bitten – I slacked off on my running for the entire winter and started back up running a couple of times this spring with my daughter Virginia.  But then having gone through a few shoe issues, I haven’t  kept it up.  That still didn’t stop me from buying new shoes and  running the Music City July 4th 5k last week with Virginia and my friend Lori).  It ended up raining all morning, but even with running in the rain I had my best time yet!  The best part was watching Lori get her first medal!  Way to go Lori!!  I hope the rain didn’t chase you away from the idea of running another one with me!

Changing the Family Diet – Well thanks to the Unemployment situation we went through these past few months, eating healthy went away.  It’s sad that it’s cheaper to buy processed food than it is to buy healthy food.  But when you’re broke you do what you have to do to keep food on the table.

Weaning – I have successfully gotten off Prozac for good.  When I was first coming off, I had a few sad sort of moments, but I was able to get through them without needing any help.  The kids have tested my patience a few times, and again I have had complete control.  I did experience about a month of dizzy spells and nausea, that the doctor said is normal if I stopped Prozac suddenly, but wasn’t normal since I weaned myself off over a few months.  But I still think these were the side effects of quitting, as they have finally went away. Unfortunately getting off Prozac didn’t help me drop the weight I may have gained from being on it, but I’m working on that.

Unemployment – I started a blog to update this, but I’m not sure what happened that kept me from finishing it.  But I am happy to say that after seven months of unemployment for my dear hubby (with some on and off again meager work opportunities), he finally started a “real” job again with a “real” salary this month.  As I look back I’m still in shock that we made it through this difficult time.  If you would have told me at the beginning of this that it would last this long and we would be alright, I would have seriously doubted you.  Still, we did make it.  While the last seven months have had their ups and downs and their difficulties, they have also provided me with many valuable lessons.  The most valuable lesson?  Just what is important in life – Love, Support and don’t forget Laughter (it is the best medicine after all!).

Now if I can conquer this writer’s block to continue on!!


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