Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Well I’ve been at Zumba almost six weeks. I absolutely love it. Each class, and each instructor has been completely different. The other day I found my favorite. “Beetle” was the instructor. He was my favorite before class even began. Why? Because the music he had playing when I walked in the room was right up my alley – 80s rock n roll!  But of course, that would change to 80’s dance tunes for the class.

Up to this point we’ve done dances that have included many ballroom dances, Latin dances, hip hop dances, African dances, and even Indian/Belly dancing. Oh and one class a week is dedicated to ballet.  Then I discovered Beetle’s class –  pure 80’s with hits from Madonna, Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, MC Hammer (yes we “hammer-timed” it) and one of the best 80’s dance songs out there, Footloose.  In keeping with each song, the style also matched that of the 80’s moves I remember from WAAAYYY back then.  The funnest class ever – also the most productive for me.  The energy that comes from 80’s music is enthusiastically catchy.  Even when my legs wanted to give in, the spirit of the music kept me hopping right along.  Too bad he only teaches one class a week.

Dirty Dancing 2

Now after a month, I can honestly say I am actually improving.  But, now more than ever, I have a strong admiration for Baby.  Yes I said Baby (aka Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman, Jennifer Grey’s character in the Movie Dirty Dancing).  Just how long did their family stay at Kellerman’s?  Even if they stayed the entire summer, that would be three months tops; but chances are, they weren’t there three months.  I’m going with a more likely 6 or 8 weeks.  Anyone know any different?  Anyhow, this girl went from not knowing how to dance at all to being a remarkable dancer in such a short amount of time.  With all the mambos, salsas, meringues, cha-chas and the like that I’ve been doing at Zumba, I can barely keep up.  Now I did learn one important aspect to these dances – As Johnny taught Baby in the movie – STAY ON YOUR TOES.  Hell yes, staying on your toes does put more of a workout on your muscles, but it will definitely save your knees when your leg wants to pivot and your foot does not.  So as soon as you can manage to do so, definitely stay on your toes.  I haven’t quite managed to stay on them as long as I need to, but I’m working on it.

So as I continue to plod along with what has to be one of the funnest exercise regimes I have ever been on, I keep hearing “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner”, and boy is that true.  The girl can dance.  I’m impressed with what she learned in such a short amount of time – granted she has age on her side, nothing to do all day, but take lessons (that alone takes quite a bit of energy), and a lot of motivation from the sexiest dance instructor I’ve ever seen – oh, and she is a fake character in a movie – but I’ll give her credit none-the-less.

I know at my current age I’ll never reach the level Baby reached, but I will continue to shake my ass and let the adrenaline that comes from dancing fool my imagination into believing I’m young again.  And if you are lucky enough to have it going on like Baby, no one should put you in a corner!


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