Some people see the world as black and white, yes or no, night and day, right or wrong, good or evil.  I see the world as gray.  What is gray?

Gray starts with what cannot be seen by a blind person or heard by a deaf person, but what others know is there.

Gray continues to what an analytical mind won’t see or a narrow-minded person won’t hear.

Gray is a myriad of colors in the sunrise, sunset or a rainbow.

Gray is the belief there will always be more to learn or know.

Gray is having Faith with or without an answer to a prayer.

Gray is ever-present in Love, or when just showing a little unconditional care.

Gray understands that rules aren’t perfectly fitted to everyone’s form of strife.

Gray knows that an extra chromosome in the womb is still a miraculous life.

Gray is reaching beyond our understanding to what we don’t know.

Gray takes us to that place inside us, the place which is our soul.

Gray is not just a color.  It’s a possibility, a dream, an idea.  It’s everything we search for in our search for the meaning of life.

By Kris Heaton Posted in Poetry

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