Let’s Try Something New

As always, I find myself trying something new (experimenting if you will), and feel that I have an obligation to share my experiences with you so you can decide if it’s something you would like to try or not.

This time, thanks to a Living Social deal that came across my email, I signed up for three “Lipo-Laser” visits.  Yes – that’s a new form of liposuction; without the suction part. So you may be asking (just as I did), exactly how does that work?  Well here is my experience and what I have learned. Lipo-Laser is a cold laser light that is applied directly to the skin. The laser causes fat cells to open up and release their “fat” contents much the same way fat cells release toxins during exercise, causing them to shrink.  This is very different from another form of liposuction called Cavi Lipo, which involves the use of ultrasound.  From what I understand, Cavi Lipo is slightly riskier and if not performed by a skilled technician, can lead to burns and/or side effects; whereas, the Lipo-Laser I am doing does not have any side effects (other than the ones desired of course) and no risks.


At my consultation I learned just what lipo-laser is (see paragraph above), how the process works and was shown patient photos and results.  I then setup  the three visits I purchased through my Living Social deal.  I also learned there were larger, more inclusive packages that provided additional services that are designed to enhance and accelerate the fat loss process.  I was very interested in purchasing a larger package, but wanted to wait for my first visit to see what I really thought (and to make sure it didn’t really hurt).

Visit #1

Upon arriving for my first visit, I was taken into an exam room (a very comfortable room for an exam room) where measurements of my stomach were taken.  I chose to focus on my stomach first, as I have never really had a stomach before, and I find it a bit aggravating.  (My well-endowed behind has always been around, so I can live with that just a bit longer, although I may turn my focus on that next). A measuring stick was used to ensure the height of each line of measurement would always be the same.  Three separate heights were marked on my torso with a pen, along with marks at those same heights across my stomach  to keep the measuring tape level and my measurements were taken.


Next I lay down on an exam table  (a very comfortable exam table), with my knees propped up on a roll pillow for comfort.  Yes, I was comfortable.  I was intrigued by the fact that I was able to keep my own clothes on, I just had to roll the waste band on my pants down some and lift up my shirt to expose my entire stomach as I had already done for my measurements.  Two small, box-shaped apparatuses attached to the machine were slid down (by me) to the area where your thighs meet your torso, as I was told that is where the lymph nodes are.  These little boxes were to assist in triggering the lymph nodes to assist in eliminating the fat that was going to be released from the cells.  Next four large rectangular bars were strapped across my abdomen.  The lights were dimmed, the sound of the ocean was turned on, and a blanket was draped across me to keep comfortable.  The machine was flipped on, and the four bars on my abdomen lit up.  I was then left alone to relax, listen to music, sleep or whatever I chose to do for seven minutes.  I chose to play on my phone – and take the fabulous picture you see here.  😉

After seven minutes, a technician came back in and re-positioned the bars on my abdomen in a different direction.  I was left again for another seven minutes.  Then the doctor came back in, everything was removed, and I stood up for measurements again.  I asked him if it really worked that fast – that my measurements would differ right away.  He said yes.  Sure enough, he measured the three locations once again, and I had already dropped 1.25 inches – and no the measuring tape wasn’t tightened, he let go of it to show me as it latches into itself.  I was impressed.

vibrNext came the vibration board.  Do you recall the old vibrating machines that used to exist in gyms in the 70’s?  Yep that’s the one pictured at the right.  Well it turns out there is a new, modern version.  Ok – so maybe it’s a lot more different from that, but it’s the same idea.  Well, you stand on this machine for 10 minutes (there is no belt), and not only does it vibrate, but the base under your feet ever so slightly goes up and down between the right and left sides to mimic very tiny stepping movements.  Now the vibrating was a little uncomfortable, because if you didn’t have to go to the bathroom before you got on, the intense jiggling of your bladder would change that in a matter of seconds.  It vibrated so intensely my muscles started to twitch and itch.  It’s  a similar feeling a runner gets after running when you can feel your muscles twitch.  I was told the purpose of this was to add get your muscles contracting and releasing to help release the fat. I was happy when that 10 minutes ended.  And yes, my muscles were still twitching afterwards.  The bonus effect – it works the muscles in your entire body, not just the area of focus.

When that was finished, my visit was complete.  Impressed with the ease of the whole process, and deciding I wanted to expand my three visits to work on my posterior as well, I signed up for a larger package.  The larger package will include a few additional enhancements, that include B12 injections, a chiropractic exam and adjustments, and a cleanse that will help clean my system out.  Each of those little enhancement additions will take place at various other points during the course of my treatment package.

I left and proceeded on into work.  Four hours later, my stomach still feels a little warm, but there really aren’t any side effects.  And there you have my first visit.  I will keep you posted on the progression, and I hope I am happy enough with the results to post before and after pics when all is said and done – but I’m not making any promises!  😛


7 comments on “Let’s Try Something New

  1. Hey KaiDC, Im seriously thinking of having the laser Lipo done..I seriously need it. Like you I’ve always had a gut and working out and dieting plus having a baby last year did not help matters at all..Hows everything looking now and after the surgery the quicker u workout and get ur ab muscles working the better the results right? And another thing, Is laser lipo better then Water lipo?.

    • I have only had three treatments so far. I will be happy to let you know how I feel about the results after I get at least halfway through my sessions. Unfortunately, I do not know anything about water lipo, so I am unable to assist you there.

  2. The Lipo Laser Fat Loss Difference: Painless, non-invasive & non-surgical, our Lipo Lasers are a the best solution to lose that stubborn fat off of any area of the body. All lipo laser technologies utilize low level laser-based light (635nm-660nm wavelength). Rather than a painful surgical incision, the LipoLaser uses laser energy to safely (and painlessly) penetrate the skin and target specific adipose (or fat) cells. This process causes transitory pores to appear in the cells releasing the adipose (fat cells) contents: water, glycerol (triglycerides), and free fatty acids into the interstitial space thus shrinking the cells and reducing inches in the areas target.

    • Thank you for further explaining how the lipo laser works. I just completed my third treatment today, so I have yet to see any results, but I am hopeful that I will be happy with the outcome!

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