Funny how stress can creep up so quickly!  Just a small example:  Yesterday, my sweet daughter bought me Starbucks on the way home and even kissed me goodnight (something she hasn’t done in years)!  Then today we were at each other throats because she was in a mood and I was too tired to deal with it.  That hasn’t been the only trouble on my mind.  As I always do when I’m troubled, I asked the Universe for guidance and drew a card.  Today, the card I drew was Light:


Light (The Sun):

This card reassures you that this is your time to be in the light.  No matter what’s happening around you, prosperity and bliss are promised.  The qualities of this brilliant card are pleasure, happiness, contentment, growth, success, joy and illumination.  The light always brings forth new birth, a constant renewal of life.  This is one of the best, if not the most positive, cards in the deck – and it’s yours.

This is now your moment to shine!  The radiance from within will be there for all to see.  As people become attracted to the rays of your spiritual light – and by being compassionate, generous, inspiring, and a leader – many will benefit as they feel the warmth emanating from you.  Be discerning, but also be open to whatever or whomever you’re attracting, for your rays reach far and wide.

The Light Card reminds you that because of its power, nothing remains in the dark.  through its illumination, truths and certain paths before you begin to emerge and can be surely seen.  Using the energy of positive thoughts and continually thinking about the happiest and most joyful of memories will light the path before you even more brightly and attract exactly what you’re emanating.  Keep on shining!

A very positive message just as I needed it.  I know I’ve received this card before, and each time it has come to fruition, even if it’s effect do not appear to stick around very long.  So I will go on faith that the forces of the universe are working as they should and what will be will be.


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