Lipo-Laser Continued

Visit #2

I was told at visit #2 that measurements are no longer taken before treatment, just afterwards. So once again I was hooked up to the machine for two rounds of 7 minutes each, measured and then stood on the vibration board. I didn’t lose any inches today from the last visit four days ago, but I suppose that could be because my diet consisted of nothing but junk food this past weekend. Luckily I didn’t gain any inches either. The vibration board was upped to 10 minutes this time, and (something new), I was told to slightly bend my knees while on it, as it would work the thigh muscles a little more. Try a lot more. Standing there vibrating for 10 minutes with your knees slightly bent was a little difficult. I was happy when it was over.

During this visit, I was also given the Advocare Cleanse system and further instructions that I failed to get during my last visit. These instructions stated (for optimal results):

  • Please refrain from eating one hour before treatment.
  • Please refrain from eating two-three hours after treatment.
  • Exercise the day of treatment, and if possible, immediately following treatment to burn off fat more quickly.
  • Drink about one gallon of water per day while doing treatment and during the cleanse.
  • Eat five small meals a day.

Now what really sucked about these instructions was the fact that I had this appointment at 11 am – just before lunch. I was starving when I arrived. There was no way in hell I was going to be able to hold out two – three more hours until I had something to eat! Yes, I did hit a fast food joint on my way out of there and on my way back to work. That part of the process will have to start tomorrow, as well as the cleanse system. I can see the benefit of having morning appointments, and luckily I had already scheduled the majority of my appointments in the morning. There are a few exceptions. I will worry about those when they happen.

I do note that it seems if I follow these other instructions, I will most likely lose weight anyway. I’m starting to wonder about this whole process.

Visit #3

Visit #3 was mostly uneventful. When I arrived, because of my questioning the entire process, I thought to myself, if I don’t lose any inches today, I’m changing to a smaller/cheaper plan. Then to my dismay, I was told that measurements are only taken at the first appointment of each week, so much for that plan. We quickly proceeded with the laser and then onto the vibration board. Once again, my time on the board was moved up another minute to 12 minutes, and I was reminded to bend my knees. Bending the knees does seem to help alleviate the itching effect, but I noticed a new effect today…I’ll call it the dashboard-hula-girl effect. As I stood there with my knees bent I felt as if my body was swaying like a dashboard-hula-girl. I felt ridiculous, but I could definitely feel my legs getting a workout this time.

I noticed during my first two visits that either my doctor is quite forgetful, or my questions at each visit tend to make him lose his train of thought, and I found at this visit that wasn’t a fluke. I say this, because it seems that with each visit it seems I have to remind him of something.

In the evening, I noticed that I felt bloated. I don’t know if it’s a side effect from the procedure, a side effect from the Advocare cleanse, or just poor eating habits. It is a little discouraging though. I hope it goes away soon!

The Day After

Today is the day after visit #3. At visit #3 the office had to cancel an appointment on me next week. Today, due to the death of a dear co-worker, I had to cancel my visit for tomorrow. That would only give me one visit in a 10 day span. You know that intuition thing I am always endorsing? Yeah, well, I feel as if it is trying to tell me something. I am thinking of canceling my plan altogether. I have only had three visits, and my living social deal was only for three visits. If I end now, I won’t be out any additional money. I am seriously contemplating stopping treatments; however, I will have to wait until the office is open again to speak with them about canceling.


One comment on “Lipo-Laser Continued

  1. In the end you have to do what you feel is best for you. If it means canceling then by all means you should do just that. Especially since you were told results were instantaneous and you really haven’t seen them.

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