Dear Santa

Dear Santa –
Please put me on the naughty list this year
The good list is lame
I don’t need any useless gadgets
Every year it’s the same
I don’t need any more dishes
No pots or pans
Nothing to help with the cleaning
Nothing to create more errands
Clothing is rather finicky
The sizing is always off
Although I do love my boots
Of those I can never get enough
But this year I want some fun
How about some of those toys
No, not all the usual ones
Not the ones for the girls and boys
Something a little on the spicy side
Something to make things hot
I’m not talking about outside temps here
I’m talking about pajamas – NOT
Don’t act naïve here
Santa you know what’s on my mind
You may act all innocent
But Mrs. Claus and I have aligned
She’s shared a few secrets
That’s how I knew
About the secret naughty list
You hide in your shoe
So please Dear Santa
Please be a dear
It’ll be a cold winter
I need something hot this year.
–Love Kris

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