2013 – A Summary


A little fun
A little chaos
Many changes
and a Goodbye to a great boss

A lot of learning
A lot of love
A little crying
And a motherly shove

Some new  friends
A few goodbyes
The ones off to heaven
Put tears in my eyes

Some financial difficulty
Then some success
Some insecurity
And a little stress

A few visitors
with extended stays
creating adjustments
in many ways

Goodbye to a job
Goodbye to a school
Sometimes the changes
Are pretty cool

Letting go of the reasons
Just going with the flow
Then comes Murphy
To deal a final blow

A new challenge arises
Another mess
But it too shall pass
Just like the rest

Another Holiday
Another Year
Soon to end
Another beginning is near

There’s always changes
that will take place
But that is Life
In the human race

By Kris Heaton Posted in Poetry

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