Not Just a Feeling

I am a strong believer in intuition – or your gut feeling if you will. Ironically sometimes it’s not a feeling at all, it may be something I just say off the top of my head (see, or something I do without thinking (such as when I randomly pick up a gift for someone and it turns out it is exactly what they wanted or needed or just something they love and I had no idea – this one happens quite often).  Still, I am always amazed at the ways the universe finds ways to feed me information without me realizing it.

Another such incident happened today.  A dear friend of mine lost his wallet over Christmas.  I was truly upset for him and sad that I couldn’t do anything to help.  While I kept giving him ideas on where to look, I kept thinking that he should look under the seat in his vehicle.  I held out saying it though, because it seemed like an obvious place to look given the circumstances.  But the thought continued to plague me, so eventually I suggested that he look under the seat.  It wasn’t there, so I gave up trying to give suggestions and just provided moral support.  Then today it was discovered his wallet was under a seat – someone else’s seat!  It never occurred to me that it would’ve been in a different vehicle. Nevertheless, in some weird way, it was where my subconscious kept pointing me.

So pay attention when something pops into your head, or your mind won’t let go of an idea.   The Universe just may be trying to help you out.  Now…if only it would work more to my personal benefit.



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