A Prayer of Warmth

coldA cozy fire
To keep me warm
Shelter from
A winter storm

An electric blanket
Across my feet
Plenty of sources
To provide me heat

But not everyone
Is as fortunate as I
Some are exposed
Beneath the sky

Instead of a house
Maybe a truck or car
Perhaps a tent
Or just the open stars

Frigid temperatures
Across the land
The coldest hour
Close at hand

Winter wind
And bitter cold
Torments the skin
Batters the soul

I may sit here
Warm in my bed
But thoughts of you
Run through my head

I pray for relief
On this cold dark night
A little heat
Away from winter’s bite

Just a small blessing
I hope for you
Something to help
Tonight on through

Thank you God
For my blessings of heat
But please provide others
A warm and safe retreat


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