On the Path to Healthy – Part 1

I do not make resolutions each year, and I didn’t make any this year either.  Still, I’ve stumbled onto some great podcasts and webinars thanks to Hay House, that have inspired me to live my life healthier.  Coincidentally, a great friend also suggested I participate in their diet regimen.  So I said yes.  My goal is to participate in this special, restricted diet for about 4 to 6 weeks.   That should get me to my goal weight or pretty close.  After that I will begin a healthy lifestyle in the fashion of the information I have been receiving from the Hay House authors.  I’m writing about my plans, because it will keep me accountable, because I know my only true motivator when it comes to my own health is accountability.  So here goes.  I will add to this blog each day instead of creating a new post.  Once I finish this diet and move onto the other lifestyle changes, I will write Part 2.  Thanks for bearing with me!

Day one started yesterday, and I should have started writing about it yesterday. Better late than never!.  I weighed myself and I was happy to see I have lost 5 pounds since my last doctor’s appointment a couple of months ago.  That wasn’t planned, but it was a nice kick off to my program.  I will continue to weigh myself only once a week – same time each week, same time of day and same type of clothing.  I created a daily checklist on peel and stick labels, printed off six weeks worth and stuck them each onto a separate page of a pocket notebook so that I can keep track of my intake, the times I eat and the amount of water I drink.  I also set reminders on my phone as to when I am allowed to eat.  I am keeping the details vague, because I know there will be several people who will disapprove of the method I am using during this 4-6 weeks, but it is a method from a licensed dietitian, so I know I am in good hands.

Day one wasn’t so bad.  Just about the time I started getting hungry, it was almost time for my next meal.  Drinking water helped tie me over until I could actually eat.  I have had a bad habit of eating the candy everyone keeps in the office, and I found myself reaching for a Hershey kiss just out of habit.  I put it back.  I have to admit I was proud of myself for that.  I rarely turn down chocolate!!

Day two has been a little harder.  I’m getting quite hungry before my alarm goes off.  Distractions have been welcomed, otherwise I probably would dwell on my hunger more than I need to.  I keep eyeing the office candy – on two different desks to be exact.  But I keep walking away.  Then a coworker gave me a handful of Hershey kisses from some other source. I took them, walked over to one of the candy bowls and put them in with the stash.  I know this is going to be a challenge, so I certainly don’t want to be week and cave in this early!! I also learned if I incorporate a little broth for salt around dinner time it may help me in the evening.  So at at dinner time I had a hot cup of broth (as opposed to a hot cup of tea), and yes it tasted so good and really did help me feel satisfied.  Another day completed successfully.

Day Three – At only 9:00 am, I was anxiously awaiting 9:30 when I could have my next “meal”.  My last meal was at 6:45 am.  I was hungry.  The candy on my co-workers desks’  looks good, but I keep walking by.  As my friend Tina said the day before (on an unrelated matter) – anyone can do anything for four weeks.  Damn straight!  I can do this!  Only 30 more minutes until I can eat. Until then, water, water, water.  Oh then lunch time approached.  I had my meal, after which Tina stopped by.  I walked with her to run some errands, which included stopping in the cafeteria for her to get food.  Just walking into all the aromas I swear I could taste the food.  Now I truly felt tested.  To make matters worse, she bumped into an old friend and they started chatting.  I was happy I have a smart phone to distract me.  Instead of focusing on the food everywhere, I focused on cleaning up things I needed to on my phone.  The distraction worked, and I made it out without caving in.

Days Four & Five – Ah the weekend.  At first the weekend seemed easy.  But it wasn’t.  It is deserving of it’s own post.  See here.


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