Daily Miracles

jk_miraclesYou cannot tell me small miracles do not happen every day. This past week my best friend, Lori’s 13-year-old daughter had her appendix burst. Now this may be a routine thing for the doctors, but in an ordinary person’s life it is not routine. What makes this a miracle? Well let me tell you.

My friend does not have insurance. She has not had insurance for two years.  Ironically, she was just able to get coverage for her daughter last Friday. On Tuesday night her daughter got extremely sick. She vomited nonstop all night long. Then on Wednesday she just did not feel well and her stomach hurt.  As any mom would guess, Lori figured that her stomach hurt due to throwing up so much the night before.  But she did have a fever, and since they now had insurance, she decided to take her daughter to the pediatrician. It was this one small move that probably saved her life.

They were at the pediatrician for only about 15 minutes, when the pediatrician sent her to the children’s hospital emergency room. While there, a fluid came out of her bowels.  Lori thought that maybe she finally just released constipation and was probably going to be better. What she did not know was that the emergency room staff had already called a specialist for her appendix.  They told Lori her daughter had appendicitis and said they wanted to admit her for observation. Not wanting to alarm her, they did not tell her they were actually keeping her because her appendix had just burst and they were rearranging the morning surgeries to remove her appendix.  She had her appendix removed the next morning.

Now if you ask me, all this timing shows that miracles do happen. If Lori had not gotten insurance just a couple of days before, she would not have taken her daughter to the pediatrician. Even more amazing is that the insurance actually took effect on January 1st and had a two-week wait period.  That two weeks ended on the 14th.  Her daughter’s surgery was on the 16th.  Without that insurance, she would’ve had a ruptured appendix at home with the belief that she probably just had diarrhea. This could have killed her.  I cried as Lori told me how it all played out.  I cried as a friend to know what my dear friend has endured.  I cried as a mom knowing how easily our babies can leave us.  I cried because I believe in angels, I believe in divine intervention, and I believe in miracles.

Thank you Mother and Father God for saving this precious baby’s life.  Thank you for saving my friend Lori.


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