The Unintentional Sabotage Continues

I’ve almost made it to the week mark on my current, short-term diet plan.  I think I’ve held up quite well under all the temptations that have been coming my way, especially since most people around me don’t even know I’m “dieting”.   Then I came into a morning meeting at work.  Not just any meeting, a meeting purely for social reasons for all the new staff (my department has gone through some transitions) to get to know each other.  A meeting with food.  Yummy food.  I urged the temptation to grab a chocolate chip bagel.  I bypassed the bowl of succulent fruit.  But I gave in a little by having a tiny glass of orange juice.

I continued on my day doing so well.  Then my boss came back and said to me….”I have Kit Kats”.  I said, “thanks, but I don’t want a Kit Kat.” She returned a moment later and tossed one on my desk.  She wasn’t taking no for an answer.  So I was forced (well just decided) to post the sign below at my desk.  Yes, now everyone knows I’m “dieting”.  *Sigh*


By Kris Heaton Posted in Health

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