Change Change Change

change 2

This year has been full of changes….and we are only in the first month!  Aye aye aye!

First – my oldest daughter, Virginia – After three years at an academically advanced school, we have decided to change her back to our locally zoned school.  Why, you may ask? Well…..we have come to find that in a school where every child is smart, it is easy to be overlooked.  That’s right…my smart child was the overlooked one.  As if that isn’t bad enough, there is a different kind of bullying that takes place at an advanced school. Even though the lower classes are more advanced than in a typical school, if you are in the lower class instead of the advanced classes, the kids tend to tease you for being in the “dumb” classes.  It’s really sad that so much pressure is put on children at such an impressionable age.  So after several months of “Mom, I’m sick” and “I’m stupid, I can’t do it”, we had a heart to heart with Virginia and discovered these problems.  So after winter break, we moved Virginia back to our zoned school.  What a wonderful choice!  On Virginia’s first day, I took her to school and we met with the guidance counselor.  If you ask me, we had all-star treatment.  She was placed and welcomed by best teachers.  Her science/math teacher, immediately took her under his wing when he found out she wanted to be a microbiologist and that was his major. Even though she had not been in algebra in her other school, being the algebra teacher, he wanted her in his class and said he would work with her to get her up to speed.  Wow…it felt like we were getting the red carpet treatment!  Now here we are three weeks in and we are all so much happier.  Virginia went from too much homework every night to no homework at all, and is loving her teachers.  I am loving my peaceful mornings (I don’t have to take her to school any longer) and my peaceful evenings of not having to yell about homework.

Our second change – my husband’s employer has undertaken some poor business practices that have essentially left my husband out of a job.  Well, he starts a new job this week….with better perks than we are accustomed to.  I guess you can say sometimes things fall apart so something better can fall into place.  At least for now this seems way better. Only time will tell, but I’m hopeful.

The third change?  Well this one is not such a happy one right now.  My job.  I am so good at my job I could run the entire office by myself.  Hell I almost do now.  Unfortunately, my new co-workers, well not to sound mean, but they just aren’t as “good” as me.  Because of that, I’m being forced to undergo group trainings on standard procedures I’ve known for YEARS so that no one is singled out.  There have been so many of these damn trainings that quite frankly I’ve just about had it with my job.  The latest training…calendar management.  Seriously?  Up to this point I’ve continued to play along and sound interested when learning something I already know, which I know probably feeds someone’s ego thinking that I didn’t know what I was being taught.  Truly I already do know it, and now I’m fed up to the point of looking at job boards.  If you want to provide me with training right now….anger management may be a better choice.   Want to know how frustrated I am?  My grandfather died last night – In Florida.  I was told I didn’t have to go to the funeral and that I should save my money.  I’m so stressed right now, I’d rather go out of state for a funeral than stay here.  I loved my job.  I was comfortable in my job.  I could have stayed here for years.  But now…..well, now I guess it’s time for me to move on as my husband and daughter have.  Let’s see if fate is on my side.

change change 3


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