Back to the Books

Lately I feel stuck in a rut.  I need something to change in my life.  Namely my job.  So of course, when I received an offer to get a free Angel Tarot card reading, I took it!  If you read my blog regularly, you should already be aware of my firm beliefs in such things.  I clicked on the above link and was directed to my choice of cards I wanted to draw from.  First I drew from the Original Angel Tarot Card deck.  My card:

education 2 original angel card

I found this rather interesting as I have been contemplating returning to school.  Then I decided to draw from another deck, Doreen Virtue’s Life Purpose Cards.  My card:

Education - life purpose angel card

Wow – education and school right in a row.  So I figured, let’s go for the perfect trinity.  I chose a card from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle Cards.  My card:

Clear archangel-oracle card


Well my intentions are clear.  I want a new job, maybe even a new career.  I find it amazing that I drew these three cards at this very moment.  Given recent events in my life and the fact that I have had these very thoughts, I am certain without a doubt that the universe is making it abundantly clear to me it’s time for me to return to school.  So I am.  I’m a little hazy on exactly what I should pursue, but I believe that will come forth in the right time as well.  Wish me luck as I return back to the books!




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