I Am


When you look at me
What do you see
Just another person
Sharing the air you breathe

There is more here
Than meets the eye
So much more
Than what is between you and I

I Am

Mother, Fighter
Admirer of all things
Truth seeker, Gift giver
Wearer of these rings

Curious, Explorer
Open to life
Student, Teacher
Avoider of strife

Sexual, Sinner
Sometimes obscene
Spiritualist, Wiccan
Believer of the unseen

Irrational, Emotional
Frequently immature
Loving, Compassionate
Just trying to endure

Pagan, Gypsy
Lack of freedom my gin
Lightness, Darkness
Balancing within

Transparent, Honest
to a great fault
Sharp, Forthright
Never meaning to assault

This is just a small part
You’ll never see me whole
There is so much more hidden
Deep within my soul


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