Blend Away

So I’ve blogged several times about attempting different methods to put my family on a healthier track.  Everything I’ve tried to date has seemed so time consuming and expensive.  Back in my blog Trying to Be Healthy – Week 5, I had mentioned the diet I was on and how discouraged I was that I wasn’t getting far. So I decided to quit trying.  Once I quit trying, I stumbled on an easy solution and started slimming down without really trying!  Go figure!  Here’s what took place.

The somewhat extreme diet I was on was pretty much a 90% liquid diet of a nutritionally balanced protein shake designed for bariatric weight loss.  The best part was after I adjusted to it, it was nice to just grab a shake and go without having to mess with food preparation.  The worst part – I love food!  So after six weeks on the plan, and only about losing 12 pounds, I gave up, and I started eating again.  Maybe just a meal here or there.  Having just one or two meals and the shakes in between meals actually made me start to lose weight a little faster.  I started feeling motivated again.  Then I discovered juicing.

When I say juicing, I’m not referring to buying a big bulky juicing machine.  Nope, I just started taking fruit and veggies and throwing them into my blender to liquefy them.  I picked up a healthy juicing book with recipes at the store, purchased several of the ingredients, then tossed them all together.  YUM!  Even foods I don’t necessarily like (such as kale and avocado), when blended just right with berries or other fruit taste fabulous!

So now my morning routine has changed.  Instead of getting my coffee then going back to lay in bed for 30 minutes to watch the news, I now get up, toss fruits and veggies into the blender and let the blender go to work while I get my coffee.  I drink my smoothie and put the rest in the fridge for the kids to drink when they get up and proceed to get ready for work.  After work, I go home, and toss some more items in the blender and let it do its thing while I go through the mail or cleanup the kitchen like usual…yes you actually can walk away from a good blender.  We still eat dinner, but after a yummy smoothie, we do not eat as much.  I’m loving it, and my family is loving it.  The best part?  I am now down a total of 25 pounds, and the second 13 pounds has been a much more satisfying loss (and easy).  I have also noticed my skin (especially my face) has improved and I feel better.  Now imagine what I could do if I incorporate exercise into this plan!

So there you have it.  Making healthy smoothies in my blender.  Who knew nutrition could taste so good?!  Here is a typical morning smoothie recipe I will share with you.  I modify it constantly based on what I have in my kitchen, but it always tastes good!  There are countless recipes out there.  I highly recommend you give them a try.  Just be sure to stick with healthy/natural foods!

2 cups Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
Coconut Water (if necessary to help thin it out)Berry-Flaxseed-Smoothie-sl
Kale (about a handful of leaves)
Frozen Berries (As much as you like)
A tablespoon of Chia Seeds or Ground Flax 
One or two Scoops of  Whey Protein Powder
Tablespoon of Cocoa Powder



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