I Love You Mom

Kathryn Wichowski - 1967


I used to be
on top of things
sent a card
for everything
If not a card
then a gift
Maybe flowers
Or something thrift
Over time
It went astray
Responsibilities of my own
Finances gray
Even though today
there is no token
Arriving postal
to show my devotion
I want you to know
You mean everything
Because of you
I’ve many blessings

You are the one
constant for me
You are the one
who taught me to be
I am who I am
all because of you
I think that’s pretty good
From my point of view
You mean so much more
Than you will ever know
The one part of life
I don’t ever want to let go
I cannot express
How much you mean to me
I hope you always know
Even when it’s not seen
You are a part of me
A part I’ll never let go
I always feel it
Even when it doesn’t show
More than a parent
You are a friend
A remarkable woman
One who transcends
I love you Mama
Each and every day
Not just on one
designated holiday

I Love You Mom!  Happy Mother’s Day!



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