All In a Week

lifeOne week…so many blogs that could have been written.  Sometimes I can go weeks not knowing what to write about. Then there are some weeks, like the one I’ve just had, where it seems I’ve missed a lot of opportunities to write.  Here are a few:

  • I could have written about my fabulous Mother’s Day with my girls.  It started with Virginia getting sick and vomiting VERY early.  But then she lay in bed with me and we chatted for three hours.  It was one of those moments you treasure forever.  Then the girls and I had a wonderful brunch, and went to get manicures.  The next day, Virginia gave me a card she made in which she told me how much she admires both my looks and who I am as a person.  If you know how much we argue, you’d understand just how precious that really is!!
  • I could have written about Virginia breaking her iPhone screen for the second time in one month.  I ran around town looking for the MacAuthority store (it changed locations since I was last there) to see about getting fixed only to find it wasn’t worth the cost.  But lucky for me, the MacAuthority guy asked about my cell phone plan’s insurance.  Yes it turns out I purchased the insurance.  🙂  Her new phone arrived the next day. Then I found I would be charged full price if I didn’t restore the old phone to factory settings before sending it in as required.  Ha!  Her screen was so bad I couldn’t see it to reset it. To top it off, iTunes wouldn’t recognize it so I couldn’t reset it that way either. I was so mad that I figured I’d just break that damn phone for good so they couldn’t tell.  When I threw it down on my kitchen floor, even though a piece of glass came out, the screen became clear enough for me to get to the settings to reset it. Hallelujah!
  • I could have written about my desktop computer dying.  I took it to Best Buy, where I purchased it and was told the hardware was still under warranty (which would have been a free fix), but it looked like a software problem.  So I repurchased the geek squad plan (covers three of my computers, so may as well), and sent it in, only to find out it WAS a hardware problem and would have been free!  Went to pick up my computer (late in the evening and in the rain) and found they bent the stand (it’s an all in one machine), so they had to send it back to get the stand fixed. A wasted trip.  Received two phone calls the next day stating it was ready. Went again to pick it up, was told that message was in error. It’s still in the shop.
  • I could have written about my latest school team project, in which I was so frustrated that no one knew what they were doing that I decided to be the “team lead”.  When a couple of people still couldn’t manage to do their parts correctly, I found out just how much of a leader (and perfectionist) I have in me. I pointed out flaws that were there and gave directions on what to do and HOW to do it.  I didn’t think I had that in me.  Then, silly me, did the whole project myself.  I didn’t tell the team I did it all, but I’ve guided them into giving me appropriate information so it looks like they contributed and I can ultimately submit what I know is required (and correct!.)
  • I could have written about my trip today to the annual Galactic Expo here in Nashville (aka the psychic fair).  Klara ran into friends and disappeared while Virginia and I had a blast getting readings.  My “regular” psychic was in attendance and knew right off the bat that I had returned to school.  🙂  He never fails to amaze me.  Virginia had a past life reading and we were told that at one point in the 1800’s she was my mother.  HA!  No wonder she bosses ME around all the time! lol  Her name then was Lucille and I was Lucy.  Her husband was Tommy, and “Tommy” will cross her path again in this life, but who knows when or where?!
  • And I could have written about my trip to the grocery store this evening, where I ran into a pregnant woman, whose water had broken four hours earlier.  I asked her why she was at the grocery store and she said she walked there to help things along and to “get away” from everything that was getting on her nerves.  At that point she was no longer walking and was in pain.  I was prepared to offer her a ride to the hospital, but she assured me her husband was now on his way to the store to pick her up. Unbelievable!

I am sure there were so many other things I could have written about this week, but these were the most noteworthy.  Sometimes it’s amazing all the little things that take place day-to-day that just slip by.  This time I didn’t let them go unnoticed!

blink of an eye


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