I have come to learn there are some great people and some not-so-great people in this world.  Then there are the rest of us somewhere in between doing the best we can with what we know, sometimes inadvertently hurting each other in the process.  Yes it has taken me 42 years to learn this.  Everyone struggles for the same thing…love and happiness.  The path we each take may provide different scenery, but each is still lined with struggles, doubts, fears and hardship.  Ironically when we are on our own path it’s easy to not notice the paths of others.  When faced with our own fears and realities, our paths darken and we think nothing in the world could possibly be worse for us.  This darkness keeps us from noticing the person on the path next to us that has it much worse.  But if you are just able to jump off your path for a moment and stop and take a look around, you may see someone who truly needs a helping hand.  This may not mean they will accept it, but maybe, just maybe, that one small acknowledgment will shed a little light on their darkened path to ease the burden that they carry.

So often I feel my own path has gotten so dark that I cannot see and don’t want to go on, but then a little light will come my way and I will find it’s not as bad as it may seem.  Perhaps something from another’s path will catch my eye, and when that happens, I have found that the light I want to project to them also illuminates my own way.  It’s really amazing how that works.  That which we give out will come back to us ten-fold.  Yes we all have heard that, but it’s nice to have a refreshing reminder once in a while.

So I thank all of you for the light you have sent my way.  Like magical little fireflies they inspire me to keep on and to continue to share my light with others.



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