There must be something about the power of four. Because just as I was sitting here reflecting on the fact that I haven’t written in a while, the number four became apparent to me.  My first thought was that I am now in my fourth class since my return to college and I haven’t blogged about it.  Then I noticed I haven’t blogged in four weeks.  And then it hit me, four weeks ago was also my fourth anniversary of blogging.  So there it is….four.  But why is this number making itself so apparent to me right now?

The number four.  The square.  A four-leaf clover.  Four seasons (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall).  Four elements  (Fire, Air, Earth, Water).  Four directions (North, East, South, West).  Four Apostles (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John).  In numerology, four represents strength and stability.  Also known spiritually as a sign from The Angels.  A sign to let you know they are present and offering their support.  I cannot say I am in distress by any means to which I would find myself needing help.  However, just the thought that I am being given this reminder is very comforting.

Sure, you may read this and say, it’s all just a coincidence.  To you, maybe it is.  But I believe.  I believe in miracles, in things unseen, and in forces we cannot comprehend.  And when you believe, that’s when the true magic comes forth.

What is the point of me writing this post?  There is no point really.  Just me, sharing a little inspiration with you.  Hoping you too can find whatever sign you need to inspire you in your journey through life.  I am sure we are all receiving signs, but are you paying attention?




**Note – upon posting this, my friend Gene pointed out that there are four paragraphs to this post (that wasn’t intentional) and yes, I do currently have a 4.0 GPA in school.  Thanks Gene!


2 comments on “Four

  1. Another magical number combination of 11:11 make a wish add to four as well. Perhaps I will add hope and sign to my 11:11 wish.

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