Mixed Tapes

Mixed tapes


One of my all time favorites subjects thus far in school and life is psychology.  I may not seem like a very intelligent person when it comes to dealing with people, as I do have many of my own relationship flaws.  However, I do observe more about others than I convey.  Both in person and online.  Sometimes observing online is much easier than observing in person, but believe me, I notice things you may not think I do.  For example, what is shared and why, as well as what is not shared.

Why do we share so much on social media sites? I for one am still big into sharing music. I see many others do something similar (not necessarily music) on Facebook, on Twitter, in blogs or various other places. Day after day, we pour out who we are in pictures, songs, jokes, innuendos, and thoughts in the hopes we will be heard (and appreciated) for our individual idiosyncrasies that make is who we are.  Does this mean we care what people think while most of us say we don’t?  Maybe. Maybe not. Or maybe it’s just so one particular person out of the 100’s we follow or who follow us will take notice and see us for who we are. Not only see deep within the depths of our being, but love what they see.  So say that you don’t care what others think.  I beg to differ.  Why else do you show what you do and hide what you hide?

So in my thought processes I wrote this little thing (pictured above) about mixed tapes, as music is my soul pouring out to you.  Perhaps my social sharing, like this blog, is my modern “mixed tape”. I appreciate that you gave it a listen.  I hope you like it and will want to keep listening.


2 comments on “Mixed Tapes

  1. Listened, appreciated, intrigued. I completely understand and share this sentiment.
    An audiophile mixologist at heart. I still have all the mix tapes and CD’s that people made for me and still love them and listen to them.
    They are a deep felt snapshot of time. I can remember the order of the tracks. When I hear certain songs, I know which one I should hear after it based on prior mixes.
    Oh my how music can touch our soul and memory in ways one never thought imaginable.
    ……..hhhhmmmmmm, I wonder what will be played next……

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