The Blink of an Eye

Virginia 3It was just yesterday when I drove this beautiful girl to pre-kindergarten for the first time.  Only four-years-old at the time, she was fiercely independent and eagerly ready to attend school and be on her own.  So much so that she begged me to let her ride the bus on the second day of school.  What was a mother to do?!  My baby, alone on a big school bus, no one to help her get to class once she arrived at the school?!!  Ok so that’s an exaggeration, there would be teachers to help her out.  So I let her go, of course, but then followed the bus in my car!  I have probably blogged this story before, but it is one of my absolute favorites of my daughter Virginia.

I drove to the school, parked my car then walked over to the bus drop off area to meet her and walk her to class.  Little Miss Feisty got off the bus, took one look at me, frowned, then held her little index finger up to me and sternly stated, “Don’t follow me!”  Then she marched herself to her classroom all by herself and left me there amused, dumbfounded, sad and proud all at the same time.

Now ten years have passed, and my independent little girl has become an independent young lady.  Still very strong-willed, but with a great head on her shoulders and reasoning and logic that can outwit many adults I know. I watched as she walked out the door to catch the bus to her first day of high school, only to get a text message a few minutes later, because she was nervous about riding the bus and asking me to drive her to school.  She is still finding ways to amuse and surprise me.  Unfortunately I had to decline as I had to get myself ready for work, forcing her to ride the bus on her first day.  However, I will be off on her second day of school.  So in reversal of 10 years ago, when I drove her on the first day and released her to be on her own the second, I am proud to say she still needs me.  Though she is strong enough to go it alone, I am more than happy (and eager) to drive her to her second day of school.  After all, she still is and always will be my baby girl.



3 comments on “The Blink of an Eye

  1. I will be in the same boat next week when I drive my daughter to start high school for her first day. Yes, it is a blink of an eye. I however like to keep mine closed for a bit and see her on that first day of kindergarten drop off and every year in between.
    Feel blessed in all you have shared and are about to share.

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