Just When I Needed It


Yes the universe works in mysterious ways. It’s funny how when you’re feeling kind of low after what seems like a really bad month or two, then all of a sudden you get a message out of nowhere of a very spiritual nature that is so spot on and so fitting to what has been taking place in your life that is just unbelievable.  On my drive home today that very thing happened, and I got the message I needed.

A few times in the past, I have had numerology readings from Victoria Helm. Victoria does not know me in any other way than through these readings. She does not live near me. She lives in California and I live in Tennessee.  We do not communicate other than when we get together for readings every few years. But she called me today to offer me a free 15 minute mini reading on where my numbers are with the universe.  Now of course I am going to accept something for free, especially something I believe pretty strongly in.  She has always been pretty accurate in the details of my life in my readings.

So on my drive home today, Victoria told me things about my life right now that were so on the spot, and she didn’t even know it.  In recent months, I have been very stressed. I have been very depressed. I have felt lost. Without knowing this, she told me the year I have been in since my last birthday, and which ends on my birthday this year, has been a soul searching year and a year of emotional and restless relationship changes.  Yes.  She told me it has been a year that’s purpose was to teach me about letting go.  Yes.  My challenge this year has been about learning to love myself.  Yes.  It has been a year of healing and a year of learning how to let people in.  Yes and Yes.  Then this summer came.  To me this summer has been very emotional and miserable.  Victoria did not know that. She told me this summer put me in a cycle with Saturn which started June 25th and ended three days ago on August 16th.  It has been a cycle of (she says for lack of a better word) karmic relationships.  It was to teach me that what I put into my relationships will come back to me.  It has been a period of increasing awareness and teaching me how to balance relationships.  This means both the give and take of my relationships – on my part and on the part of others to keep them from taking too much from me.  Yes, yes and yes.

I have cried.  I have asked for spiritual guidance.  And today, on an ordinary drive home from work, I received the guidance I have been asking for.  A message of reassurance that I have come through the worst part of this year.  And on my 43rd birthday, I will begin a new cycle, a cycle of new beginnings.  Don’t ever doubt the mysteries of the Universe.  Ask and you shall receive.  I know it.


4 comments on “Just When I Needed It

      • One can be , challenging, but it’s all about independence and finding your way. One is a number of new beginnings, sweetie. You’ll be okay. I love the aces/ones in my tarot deck… new beginnings are always a plus! Much love to you, Kris! 🙂

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