If the Shoe Fits….

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “If the shoe fits, wear it”,  Well I feel like I’m finding out that if the shoe fits it doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear it.  They may be uncomfortable, give you blisters, or just flat-out be inappropriate for the environment you are in.  Ok so by this point you are probably thinking, “What is she talking about?”  Well for starters let me explain my mindset today.  I feel like I don’t belong where I am.  I’ve jumped between real work, school work, and my poetry.  None of it is keeping my interest or focus today.  I feel out of sorts, like I’m in the wrong place doing the wrong thing.

In my case, doing what I’ve done for so long, I am very good at it – “the shoe fits” so to speak.  But quite frankly I’ve always been good at anything I’ve done.  And today I just feel like these aren’t my shoes.  I have the urge to cast them off into a corner.  Maybe there are better shoes suited for me elsewhere, but I don’t know where.  Maybe I just need to run barefoot and free.  At this point I’m not quite certain what I need or what I am looking for.  I can only tell you this….I need to go shoe shopping.




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