Eat Your Heart Out Martha Stewart


Chrissy Snow – Three’s Company

How do you turn a seemingly educated and intelligent woman into a ditzy blonde like Chrissy Snow (remember Three’s Company?)?  Well, if it’s me (and yes, quite frankly we are talking about me here), all you need to do is put me in the kitchen.  I should have written this several days ago, but life got in the way as usual.  But let me tell you how un-Martha-Stewart-like I am.


Tru Blood – the beverage

This past Sunday was the finale for one of my favorite shows, True Blood.  For the finale, a couple awesome friends of mine were coming over, and so I wanted to put together a few small things to make it fun. First I wanted to print a few True Blood labels to put on wine coolers.  But when I finally found a label online that I could use, I found that my printer was out of ink.  Ok scratch that.

In my hunt for ideas, I also came across this cute idea  for vampire donuts.  I went out and purchased the donuts then went on a hunt for vampire teeth.  I figured all I had to do was run to Party City, because they have everything.  So I waited until the day of the party.  I should have just ordered some online.  After searching several stores, I came up empty-handed.  When I got home after my hunt for vampire teeth, I went to get the donuts to see if I could make teeth with frosting.  Now we seem to have a small ant problem each year, this year has been no different.  When I grabbed the box of donuts, I noticed an ant on my arm.  Then I noticed several on the box.  When I opened the box, the entire box of donuts was loaded with ants.  Off to the trash they went.  No vampire donuts.

Vampire Donuts

Vampire Donuts

I still had a few other ideas and the party was only a couple of hours away, so I continued on.  I had red velvet cupcakes made (it bewilders me that the ants didn’t even notice those), and they came in a kit that included frosting.  Not ready-to-spread frosting…powder frosting that required work to make, which included a stick of butter.  I pulled out a stick of butter and found it was quite hard.  Now normally I would toss it in the microwave for a few seconds, but I had water in the microwave to make jello, so something compelled me to try a different route this time.  I turned on a stove burner and put the butter right on the burner.  I figured it would only take a couple of seconds and it would soften up.  As it started to warm, I went to work on the jello.  I poured the jello into a mold, then read that in order for it to become “finger jello”, I had to chill it for three hours.  Three hours!!  I only had an hour at this point before my friends would show up!  No, it was going in the freezer. I picked up the flimsy, jello-filled mold and turned to put it in the freezer.  As I did, jello spilled all over the floor my daughter had just mopped.  I turned back to the sink, then I heard a sizzle.  I had forgotten about the butter on the burner and it was now a sizzling mess on the stove!  I salvaged what I could and threw it in a bowl.  Meanwhile, my daughter, Klara, mopped the jello off the floor.

Once again I returned to putting the jello in the freezer.  I then moved on to make the frosting with the butter I had left.  When I opened the powder mix, it went everywhere.  Floor included.  Once again, my sweet baby girl came to the rescue and mopped again while I mixed up the frosting.  The mixing was supposed to be with an electric mixer, but that was in the dishwasher so I was trying to stir it by hand.  That wasn’t working.  So I opened the dishwasher that was in the process of running, which resulted in water spraying out….onto the floor.  Mopping again.

Somehow I managed to finally complete frosting the cupcakes and surprisingly the jello mold had set just in time for my friends’ arrival.  We had a great evening saying goodbye to a show we all loved. Here are the few things I managed to make:


IMG_0019 IMG_0020



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