You’re Beautiful

It’s 7:30 on a Thursday night. I’m worn out, and sitting at the hair salon looking quite a mess while Virginia is getting a new color on her hair.   You may say it’s just an ordinary night. But something extraordinary just took place.  As I sat here killing time playing on my phone, I looked up and this gorgeous child of mine says to me “you’re so beautiful.” I was caught off guard and replied, “What?”  She said it again, “You’re beautiful.”

Ok now I’ve been told I’m beautiful before, and quite frankly (this may be a shocker to you) I never quite believe it.  I’m not sure why, but I just do not feel it!  Disregard the photos of my last post.  Even with such fabulous photos, I guess I’ve just never thought of myself as beautiful.  I know what I look like beyond those photos.  I see myself in the mirror every day, and what I see is not impressive.  If you saw me on any ordinary day, you would see  that I am average at best.  Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with the way I look, but it’s not spectacular.

Anyway, Virginia has been dwelling on my looks in recent weeks.  I know kids usually see their moms as pretty, but we are talking about little kids. When they become teenagers, they are usually more critical about people’s looks and about their parents in general.  But she started sharing my high school photos with her guy friends and was thrilled to report back to me that they think I’m hot (great ?!).  However, we are talking about high school photos of a 17-year-old me.  Photos of when I was young and was flawless.  She has been comparing herself to those photos, saying she is not as pretty, which I have to remind her is not true and not an equal comparison.  I was older in those photos than she currently is.  When I was her current age of 14, I was not nearly as pretty as she is.  Here is a true-to-age comparison:

8th Grade

Then the other night, she and I went out together, and when one of her guy friends texted her to ask what she was doing, she told him that she was out with her mom.  His response… “that’s dangerous.”  I laughed and thought, wow I’m dangerous, why?  Am I a bad driver?  Am I a lunatic?  Can I not protect my child?  Why is it dangerous to be with me?  But then clarification was provided….”because you are both so pretty, it is dangerous for you to be out together.”  Wow, that’s a great compliment, but still, we are talking about a kid that is hitting on my beautiful daughter, so of course he will say that.  I was happy for the compliment, but it wasn’t life changing.

But then tonight, two words,  “You’re Beautiful.”  There was something about this extraordinarily beautiful teenager telling me that I’m beautiful that had an impact, a big one. I  was tired, my hair was disheveled, my makeup worn, but she still saw me as beautiful.  I am truly honored to have such a simply stated, yet meaningful compliment from the most unexpected but significant source: My daughter.

Thank you Virginia.  YOU are beautiful and I love you.



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