Let the Music Play On

I love taking silly little quizzes on Facebook.  I know they are purely for entertainment value, yet quite often I am amazed at how closely the results I receive actually do describe me.  One recent quiz I took was “Who were you in a past life”, and I got the result – a gypsy.  The description:  You spent your past life living a nomadic life filled with travel and exploration.  In this life, you are a unique and adventurous individual who loves to visit new places and meet new people.  You have a hard time sitting still and are usually busy thinking about the next place you want to travel to.  Your mission is to see as much of the world as possible while living life to the fullest and savoring each new experience.  Yes this fits who I am. Even if I don’t have the means to travel, I do seem to move around quite a bit and have enjoyed those experiences.

Another quiz I took was entitled “How did you die in your last life”.  My results stated I OD’d at Woodstock.  Now this was funny and very fitting.  First – something you don’t know about me – as I was growing up I had always wished that I had lived in the 60’s.  Ironically my daughter says the same thing about the 80’s.  Funny I wanted to enjoy the years my mom was young, and my daughter wants to enjoy the years I was young. Anyway…


If you know me, and if you read my blog you should know me, then you know I love, Love, LOVE music.  It’s probably surprising that I am not a musician.  Guess it wasn’t in my destiny this time around.  But nonetheless, music is a major part of me.  Some people can quote famous authors, some can quote movie lines.  I can quote lyrics and pick them up when they are used unintentionally in conversation, thereby making the song start running through my head and making me want to sing.  Music speaks to my soul.  I have written other blogs on music.  Most noteably “Rock On“.  And my musical pursuits have continued since that blog, which has forced me to update it several times.

I was reminded of the priority music has in my life just this week. In recent months I have found myself wanting a different house. I can cite the many reasons why, but I won’t bore you with that. But then tickets for The Who went on sale. Now there is an iconic band I have never seen. And you guessed it, I purchased tickets. Then i got to thinking…sure I could spend more money on a different home, and let the home suck up the vast majority of my income, but then would I be able to attend as many concerts as I have been? The fact of the matter is that I don’t want to sacrifice my musical pleasures for a change of scenery. If I can’t have both, I’ll take the music.

And now tonight I am preparing to attend another concert.  This time it will be Motley Crue and Alice Cooper, and I am proud to say both my children know these artists, are excited to see them, and will be going with me.  They recently saw KISS and Def Leppard with me, and my youngest went to see Journey and Joan Jett with me as well. As a music lover, I am very proud they share my love of music and love many of the bands I grew up with and love as well. So not only am I enjoying my passion, but I am enjoying sharing it with them. I wouldn’t trade that for the world. So let the music play on.


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