Celebrate Life

Happy Halloween.  But this post isn’t about Halloween, it’s about death.  More specifically, my death.  This is the time of year death is talked about quite often.  More so when someone happens to pass away as well.  This week has revived my thoughts about my own death.  This year I had a new will drawn up, but the attorney left out one important detail that I wanted to have included….my death (or burial if you will).  I dismissed it, but now I am back to thinking about it.  I need to make my wishes known.  So what better place is there for me to make my wishes known then right here, where everyone will read them, and no one can question what they were!

1e30864f79e44bdcc7575642d22177d1I do not wish to be buried.  I know, shocking right?  As much as I love a creepy cemetery and a large Gothic looking tombstone, I really would rather not be buried to be dug up years later for a housing development or the like.  Instead, cremate me (but make sure I am really dead first!) and spread my ashes to the wind.  Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  This is as it should be.  If my family wants to hold on to a part of me, then keep a smidgen of those ashes, perhaps in one of those new little floating charm necklaces or in a small little jar.  But let the rest go.  My body, my ashes, they are not ME.  They are just what will be left of this vehicle of a body my spirit has used to get through this life.Capture

Most importantly, I DO NOT want a funeral when I die.  I want a PARTY, a Wake if you will (a party loud enough to “wake the dead”).  I do not want people to dwell in sadness of my passing, as I believe it is a return home to “the Other Side”.  I look forward to the next adventure in my spiritual existence.  So please do not mourn my passing. Instead, celebrate my life.  I want money from my estate (amount yet to be determined) to go towards this party.  Let there be an open bar! Drink and be merry (but be sure to have cab rides ready to take your drunken asses home!).

Now I have always joked that I wanted to throw something crazy in, such as everyone has to wear red to the party, but that would be silly.  Maybe I should have everyone dress in costumes like they would for Halloween (regardless of the time of year)…now that would be fun…especially if it were in Spring or Summer!  Anyway, I will have to think about this one little stipulation later.

But I think that this pretty much sums it all up.  I want to be remembered in life.  I want to be remembered for happy times, even if it is for the final party I can throw in this life.  Most importantly, I just want you to be happy and smiling as my spirit tries every way I can to pull a few last pranks on you.  😉





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