As I mentioned in my last post, I received another free birthday reading and I thought I would share.  🙂

11.2014 birthday tarot reading


Self: Ten of Wands: Although you have been seeking some satisfaction in the external world, the process has been leading you to reconciliation with your inner self.

The card in the Self position reveals aspects of how you perceive yourself right now.

When the Ten of Wands is in this position, it’s clear that the path of action you have taken is ultimately not as important as the state of being it can produce. You are beginning to realize that what you have been pursuing is actually internal, something which when kindled and awakened replaces your need to seek satisfaction in the external world.

This is not to invalidate all that you have been engaged in, because it has ultimately led you to this valuable realization. But when you assimilate what you are learning about Being, action will no longer seem as imperative. Take this opportunity to learn to meditate and find within what you previously looked for outside yourself.

Situation: Eight of Wands

The card that lands in the Situation position refers to social or circumstantial factors which could be affecting your life at this time.

You are caught in a vortex of intensifying demands.

The Eight of Wands in this position indicates that you are running to keep up with people and circumstances that seem to be out of control. Being proactive may be difficult now. Stimulating events may demand too much of your attention.

You are caught up in a high tide of escalating consequences. This can be an exciting, if exhausting, time and you could be tested on every level as you move forward. Sometimes it takes courage to cope with the confusion of chaotic changes.

Challenges/ Opportunities: The Star

Self-knowledge gives you personal power and wise judgment.

The card that lands in the Challenges/Opportunities position refers to ways that you can turn obstacles into stepping-stones.

The Star in this position challenges you to lend credence to the inner voices of wisdom. They deserve your attention. In the intuitive arts, one walks a fine line between self-delusion and inspiration.

This card is a positive affirmation of the trustworthiness of your intuition and the guidance you have received. Trust Spirit, as Spirit entrusts you with an expanded view of your assignment. You are growing into your original nature and expressing it in the world.

Foundation: Page of Swords

Instincts based on past experiences are registering suspicion about current events.

The card in the Foundation position points to influences from your personal history, your roots and background.

With the Page of Swords (in some decks, a Princess) in this position, it seems the lesson you learned in your early childhood taught you to look out for yourself because no one else would. This has produced a thick-skinned and canny approach to life, with little room for innocence and naiveté.

You are not easily fooled. Your background has supplied you with the training and attitude you need for times like these. If you have the feeling that something is suspicious or that you haven’t been told the full story and it’s raising familiar doubts, trust your instincts. You are experiencing something quite familiar to you.

Recent Past: Ace of Coins

Let the creative part of you awaken and help you achieve important goals.

The card in the Recent Past position refers to events that are just departing, recently influential but now diminishing in power.

The Ace of Coins in this position provides a glimpse of how big enterprises begin with small steps and how sudden insights can inspire new inventions. You have such inspiration within yourself! A recent and meaningful insight will help you achieve long-range goals if you act on it.

Let the creative part of you awaken. Innate talent coupled with perseverance will give you the confidence to accomplish what you set out to do. The insight revealed to you, or intuited by you, was meant to drive home the point that “if they can do it, I can do it.”

Higher Power: Queen of Cups

Surrender to the feelings of the heart, your sensitivity and intuition.

The card in the Higher Power position reflects the broader perspective and influence of your conscience, Guardian Angel, inner wisdom.

When the Queen of Cups comes up in this position, it’s as if an inner oracle is preparing to impart a profoundly powerful message to you. Meditate and listen carefully for it. Whether this is happening because of some stressful situation or accident — or simply because you have reached a level of serenity where your higher faculties are naturally awakening — it doesn’t matter.

The important thing is that the Queen of Cups represents a heart-connection and receptivity to a higher source, a look into your world with the eye of Spirit. There is no reason to resist this energy. After such an experience, you see reality quite differently. Try to jot down some of your insights. If you process them consciously, you will have inspiring material to work with in future weeks and months.

Near Future: Nine of Cups

You are worthy of the abundant recognition you receive.

The card in the Near Future position indicates which way the wind is blowing with regard to your situation. If you follow the Advice card, however, you can improve on or neutralize tendencies.

With the Nine of Cups in this position, you could receive a warm welcome from people you respect and admire. This will not be faint praise, but rather a very specific acknowledgment — a blessing you will cherish. You stand to be elevated by people who want to further you, who see your talent and gifts, and what is special about you. They want to open doors for you, as well as invite you into their lives.

Recognize the situation when it happens and consciously relax into the safety it provides. Your dignity will remain intact because you have earned this positive reaffirmation. The more you learn to be comfortable with the flow of support and love, the better you will be at whatever else you try to achieve.

Blocks & Inhibitions: Seven of Wands

Diminish the influence that fear or other negative emotions have over you; take action now.

The card in the Blocks position points to self-undermining tendencies, areas where you could be in denial, where you could get stuck — unless you examine yourself and make some corrections.

When the Seven of Wands falls in this position, fear can get in the way of successfully achieving a goal, overcoming competition or proving your worth. Perhaps you are feeling at odds with the idea of success. When you awaken to the power this block can have over you, you can stay alert to it and diminish its influence.

It’s not necessary to regret your feelings — just don’t let them incapacitate you. When action is required, get busy and make something happen. There is no excuse for not taking charge, even if you have mixed emotions about having to do so.

Allies: Two of Cups

Take advantage of an opportunity to fully experience the love that is available right now.

The card in the Allies position points to people who can be supportive or helpful to you at this time.

The Two of Cups in this position suggests that there is someone in your life who understands you in a special way. If that person is not yet your partner, if you don’t think of each other as a team, then it’s time to start moving towards one another. Perhaps you have ruled this person out, even though the interpersonal communication between you feels just right. Maybe something in the world of form or appearances is difficult for you to accept.

Often people deprive themselves of love because it doesn’t come in the exact package (age, looks, economic status) they think it should. Don’t let that kind of thinking continue to limit you. Whatever the issue it is something to be reconciled in your own mind. Only then will you be able to let yourself participate fully in this glorious exchange. Say yes to your heart.

Advice: Knight of Coins

Your resources will enhance an endeavor significantly and you can reap many blessings as a result of your participation.

The card in the Advice position suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible.

When the Knight of Coins (in some decks, The Prince) falls in this position you are being advised to offer up your services to some project or enterprise in front of you. Your willing participation can make the difference between a marginal performance and a great one.

The entire endeavor will be enhanced significantly by the resources you bring to it and you will be blessed tenfold. Expect to supervise and guide the project as well as influence the outcome of events. Without you on board, this endeavor is just another good idea.

Long-term Potential: The World

The work you are doing now will be felt for a long time to come.

The card in the Long-term Potential position points to unknowns still taking shape. It is the “wild card” yet to be played.

With the World in this position, there is long-term potential that your present actions will start a chain of consequences that will turn out to be wonderfully beneficial to humanity.

This lifetime may not be long enough to show you how many generations you will influence. But if you understand that your choices matter, that your actions make a difference, and that your example will influence others, you will fulfill this prophecy.


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