Pay Attention to the Messages

It seems when a message wants to come through from the universe, if you are open and willing to receive it, then it will definitely come through!

As you know, I returned to school this past year.  With each new class, I have struggled more and more with my school work and the content of my education from University of Phoenix.  I had an introductory finance class that seemed more like an expert finance class.  That course almost made me quit school again.  I am currently in a business research class that has me watching physics videos.  I am not taking physics!  I just do not feel the content of my courses are at the appropriate level or provide the appropriate content for my degree.  Therefore, I started looking again at another school I checked out back at the start of this venture.  By changing schools now, I will lose a little bit of the coursework I just completed, and will add some extra time to my schooling, but I will save a lot of money, and hopefully a lot of stress.  So as I sit here this morning contemplating the pros and cons, I decided to ask the universe if this change would be right for me.  I love “The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards” by John Holland.  I have the actual cards, I have an app on my phone and anyone can access one free reading a day from his website:  Since I am at my desk, I decided to ask my question and draw a card from his website.  My result:


12.11.14 Fulfillment of Wishes

I must admit I love the message this card provides me.  However, I did not feel that it answered my question.  So I jumped over to the app on my phone, asked the question again, then drew a card. I got the EXACT SAME CARD!!

I have to note here that this happened to me this past week too.  First, I had my annual free birthday reading online, I didn’t share it this year as I did last year.  Perhaps I should post that.  Anyway, the cards from the suit of Wands surfaced many times.  Then this past weekend I went to a local shop that had an open house with several spiritual practitioners present at discounted rates, so I decided to take advantage of this “mini psychic fair”.  I initially went for one reading.  The woman that conducted my first reading used tarot cards.  It was a good reading, but it left me wanting more.  So I moved on to another.  The man I sat with next also had me pull tarot cards, and I pulled some of the SAME cards again! One recurring theme through all of these – the suit of wands.  So I know you are asking me, what does that mean?  Well it means I am overwhelmed; I have “too many irons in the fire”.  How true!  The rest of the content of my readings were on a very personal level, so I apologize, but I will not be sharing them here.

Anyway, back to my point (do I have a point?)…when a message is trying to come through, be open to receive it.  I am always open. Now I just need to contemplate the information I have received through all of these readings.  As for the meaning to the card above…well I will have to determine how it relates to my question of changing schools.  Of course nothing ever seems to come easy!  If anyone has any insight they can provide me, please share!

As always, thanks for reading my ramblings.  Blessed be.


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