Quit Blaming, Start Healing

Rarely do I write two blogs in one day.  Rarely do I comment on controversial topics anywhere, but I am so tired of all the comments about whose lives matter. Everywhere on social media I see hashtags for such-and-such lives matter.  Screw that!  ALL lives matter regardless of age, race, religion, occupation, etc.  People need to stop blaming “all” for the actions of one.  Start taking responsibility for your own actions. If you weren’t part of the situation first hand, don’t point fingers and accuse. Be respectable citizens of your community.  Be good neighbors even to the neighbors who are a different race, religion, whose names you don’t know, etc.  Respect law enforcement. 99% of them really DO care. They are in their profession because they want to work to protect and serve their communities. Stop making everything “us vs. them”; whether that be “white vs. black”, “civilian vs. cop”, “christian vs. atheist”. We are all a part of this world. It is up to ALL of us to make it better, not worse just because of the actions of one or two individuals.  All whites are not to blame for the evil in this world. All cops are not bad.  All atheists are not evil.  All Christians are not righteous.  Accept people for their differences. Do not tolerate the actions of criminals.  Just simply stop living to fight and blame and point fingers.  Start living to enjoy life, to learn about each other.  To get along with each other.  This country, hell this world, has come a long way in one hundred years.  Why do I feel like people are regressing recently.  Don’t fall for mob mentality.  Open your eyes and critically evaluate the world around you, and I will repeat this…IF YOU WERE NOT PART OF THE SITUATION FIRST HAND, DO NOT ACCUSE OR POINT FINGERS!!

There’s my rant. I love you all and may God or whatever deity you believe in bless you all. It’s time for healing, especially in this country of ours – the UNITED States of America.  It’s time for peace.


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