Worry, Don’t Worry, No Keep Worrying

Children.  A blessing.  A joy.  A wonderful part of life.  Also a major headache and a grand source of stress and worry.

Last week Wednesday, my youngest (Klara) told me after school that she had a horrible headache, because she hit her head on the wall at school.  I asked her how in the world she managed that, and she told me she was walking and talking with her friends, not watching where she was going, then managed to hit the side of her head (temple area) on the corner of the wall.  We both laughed at her clumsiness then forgot about it.  Thursday evening she said her head still hurt and she was having headaches.  I gave her ibuprofen for her headache and once again forgot about it.  Then about bedtime she started vomiting.  My initial reaction was that it was from taking the ibuprofen on an empty stomach.  She threw up a few more times and we all went to bed.  Friday morning when I got up it suddenly occurred to me that she could have a possible concussion.  I stayed home and made her an appointment with the pediatrician for later in the day.  …Worry

When Klara got up, she vomited again.  We went to the pediatrician and it was believed she had a concussion.  The doctor called the “Concussion Clinic” at Vanderbilt and we sat to wait for them to call back.  By this time, it was lunch time and both Klara and I were starving.  The doctor felt bad that we had to sit and wait, so she let us go to get lunch and said she would call us when she heard back from the concussion clinic.  We went to Burger King and had a good time.  Klara was her happy and healthy self.

After we finished eating, with perfect timing, the doctor called.  The doctors at the concussion clinicIMG_2157 wanted Klara to go to the children’s hospital to get a CT Scan to make sure everything was truly alright.  So we drove to the children’s hospital and she had her CT scan.  We even joked that it was funny that I had to wear a lead vest to protect my chest but my head was exposed. She said, “Blonde’s don’t have brains anyway, so you’ll be fine.”  Crazy child.

We waited for the results and were told that they were normal and she just had a mild concussion.  What a relief.  We left, picked up Virginia from school since it had ended for the day and went to have frozen yogurt.  Klara helped me bake cookies Friday night.  She spent the night at friend’s house Saturday night.  It was a normal weekend.   No worries.

On Monday it was work as usual for me – until I received a call from Chris.  The school had called and stated that Klara had passed out and hit her head pretty hard again.  He was on his way to the school.  …MAJOR WORRY.

Through many updates I was told that she couldn’t remember who her friends were and the paramedics were called to the school.  When I was told they were going to take her to the emergency room, I left work.  While in route, I was told that she was doing better and was cognitive so the paramedics did not feel need to take her to the emergency room, she could just go see her pediatrician again.  I made an appointment.  …Don’t worry.

On my way home, Virginia sent me a message that she felt dizzy and sick.  What the hell?  Now I was wondering if there was a correlation between the two.  I stopped at school to pick her up and discovered she had a fever.  Ok, just a virus there, what a relief.  By the time I got home, though, I had a different picture of events for Klara.  In summary, here is what “really” took place.

Klara felt confused and couldn’t concentrate.  She got dizzy and felt like passing out.  I don’t think she actually passed out, there is some confusion about that, but she did manage hit her head against the wall again.  It was believed by the school that she passed out.  Paramedics were called.  She was scared and kept saying “I don’t know” so it was thought she lost cognitive functioning, which was why they were going to take her to the ER.  As I sat questioning her, it felt more and more like a combination of being scared and “milking the situation” for attention.  I was no longer worried, I was pissed.  When it comes to absences at my job, I currently do not work in a lenient department.  Once everything was cleared up, I gave Klara a few chores as punishment for making the situation worse than it was.  After she finished, we put the incident behind us and went back to being happy and joking around.  No sense on dwelling on it.  Oh, and I cancelled the pediatrician appointment. There was no need to go through that when she was fine.  I’m was no longer worried.

Just when I thought it was all over, today (Tuesday) I received a call from Klara’s school.  She was not allowed to be at school without clearance from her doctor. We didn’t go to the doctor, so we didn’t have anything for the school.  Chris was already at work.  I was at work.  Neither of us were in a position to leave work just to run to the pediatrician to get clearance for what we already thought we knew.  The school pushed for me to pick her up.  I pushed back and told them I did not have a note and I was not able to pick her up (and I truly was not able to).  I was informed discussions had to take place and I would hear back from the school.  They called back and stated she would not be able to go back to class, she would have to spend the day in the office.  So Chris went to pick her up.  I called the pediatrician’s office and explained to them the situation as it played out yesterday, why I did not bring her in, and why I now needed clearance from them.  At first the nurse on the phone understood the attention aspect of the situation, and she thought they would be able to give us clearance so Klara’s day could continue.  Unfortunately, upon relaying the information to the doctor, and because Klara did feel confused and had a dizzy spell, the doctor wants her to get more tests.  WORRY again!

So now her tests are scheduled for Friday.  Today is Tuesday.  Between now and Friday she cannot return to school and she has to keep her brain activity limited.  This will be a challenge, because that means no cell phone games and no computer games. The child lives off her electronics.  I am sure it will all work out in the end and she will be fine, but it seems for now outside forces want me to stay worried. Looks like an early Christmas break for Klara.  Oh the joys of being a parent.



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