Happy 2015!


Well it seems I slept through most of the holidays (at least my blog has) and here we are a week into the new year.

Since we “met” last, here are a couple of updates.

Klara’s concussion tests all came back fine and she is back at school after getting an additional week off because of this whole scenario prior to winter break.  Now she’s back to suffering with responsibilities like the rest of us….if only our responsibilities were that of a middle-schooler!!

Christmas was nice but I did not truly feel into the spirit this time around.  I didn’t feel like putting decorations up. What went up did so because of my kids (thanks girls!), and they came down the day after Christmas.

My own school was on a two-week break through the holidays.  That sort of sucked, because I would have been finished with another class if there wasn’t a break.  So now there are two weeks left of this course and then I only have 9 classes to go!  I also received notice today that due to my GPA I have been invited to become a member of the University of Phoenix Chapter of the International Business Honor Society, Sigma Beta Delta.  How about that!  After the stress of my last class and how close I felt like I was going to fail it, I pulled through and now hello honor society!  CrAzEe!.  But I will say after all of that I will try to never doubt myself and my abilities again.

Even though I felt in a slump over the holidays, I am starting this new year off with a new sense of self.  It really has nothing to do with the new year, and I cannot quite tell you where it has come from, but nevertheless it is there.  I do not make new year’s resolutions…never have.  But with my renewed self-confidence and the end of my degree program in sight (even if it is at the end of this year), I just have all these wonderful ideas and some new ambitions in my head.  I won’t share them just yet.  They are mine to toy with for now.  Forgive me for being secretive.  😉

I love you all and thank you all for being a part of my life and my blog.  I wish you all a Happy, Health and Prosperous New Year!




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