Share What You Know

What brings people together and why?  We may never truly understand the power in our connections, but every so often you may just see a glimmer of what the universe has intended.  Today I saw one such glimmer.

I am far from being a perfect person, the perfect friend, the perfect mate, the perfect mother.  I am human.  I try my best to be everything to everyone, but every once in a while my human side comes through and I fail.  I consider being human my greatest flaw.  For to be human is to get jealous, to fear, to falter, to make mistakes, and to sometimes hurt others.  Yes, being human is my greatest flaw.

Today I complete my eighth class in school.  With each class the work load has increased and the content seems to get more and more difficult.  I may be smart, but I still struggle, and with the struggle comes a great deal of stress, including the stress of relying on other people.  So last night, after a weekend of having written two papers, created a PowerPoint presentation and completing my final exam, I did a human thing and wrote on Facebook “After all these years, and after all I do for so many other people, yes I am shocked that I still have not learned that I can never count on anyone else but myself.”  The responses I received indicated that this looks like a universal truth for many people, especially for one new Facebook friend of mine.  I do not know this woman personally; however, she seemed to gravitate towards this post and had a lot she wanted to say; needed to say.  I suggested she start writing or blogging to help her get things off her chest.  When she responded ” I don’t know where to start or how… I want to write my LIFE story n get it published…I need guidance to get it rolling,” I knew why I was meant to be friends with her.  I knew how to help her.  I know blogging.  I know websites that convert blogs into books.  I know!

My new friend and I messaged back and forth.  She shared her determination.  I shared my knowledge.  We shared a connection.  What I did may not have seemed like much initially, but when she told me I had made her Monday “so rewarding”, in that moment she instantly made my day just as rewarding.  What is even more powerful is that she has a story to tell.  A story that can help others.  She just needed guidance to get her story out to the world.  Who knows, maybe her story may save just one life, but that one life is worth it.  And when that one life is saved, I would like to think that I may have helped in a small way.

So if you have a story, please share it with the world.  You never know who may need to hear it.  And if you just have the means to help someone else share their story, then please help.  We are all connected and our connections can create a better world for all.  And “T”, I am looking forward to reading your story.  Thank you so much for allowing me to feel blessed.

God bless.

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