The Dance


The music played and she danced the dance
She slowly drifted away as if in a trance
The darkness closed in all around
And a tall and mysterious stranger entered without a sound

The music played and he joined in
They danced the dance full of sin
When she wasn’t looking he pulled out a blade
He sliced her flesh and enjoyed the blood it gave

She winced at the sting but did not notice the wound
The music enraptured her so she did not know she was doomed
They continue to dance in this timeless dance
The darkness and the music still kept her in a dangerous trance

She did not notice the second time the blade sliced her skin
The euphoria of this musical dream kept her sucked in
Darkness was all she could see, nothing more
Not even her blood spilling on the floor

Round and round they twirled as one
She only felt ecstasy and did not know anything was wrong
But the mysterious stranger grew impatient with hunger
He needed blood and couldn’t wait any longer

The darkness grew heavier and she could no longer see
Not even the stranger whom she felt still danced with she
Their dangerous waltz continued, her depleting blood putting her in a haze
She did not know she had been dancing for over 600 days

As long as the music played and kept her in this deepest trance
It seems that there would be no end to this fatal dance
But then it grew quiet and at first she didn’t notice
The quiet had become foreign and everything was out of focus

She finally noticed the mysterious stranger for the very first time
As she stared up into his deep and secretive beautiful blue eyes
Before she could speak or comprehend her plight
He made a final slice to her throat to take away her fight

As peacefully and beautifully as the music had begun
It had ended taking her with it and the mysterious stranger had moved on


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