I made it through day one of my rotator cuff surgery. See My Surgery Experience.

Day two…as I regained feeling in my arm, I also gained a tremendous amount of pain.  The medication I was given the day of surgery was the minimal amount necessary.  As I lay in bed Wednesday morning, a wave of nausea came over me and I wanted to throw up while feeling like I was going to pass out at the same time.  I felt miserable.  As the feeling of nauseousness worked its way through, it was quickly replaced with an unbearable amount of pain.   The sort of pain that makes you scream.  The medication was not going to be strong enough.  I needed something more.  I was to return to see the doctor in the afternoon, but because the weekly war brought on by mother nature had continued into Wednesday, the doctor’s office called me at 7:30 am and asked me if I would come in early so they could go home early for the day.  Were they insane?  It was only 7:30, the worst time of day to judge the roads by. Salt trucks had just restarted de-icing the roads after taking a break all night.  It was rush hour.  The sun was barely up.  I was not going to come in this morning regardless of how much pain I was in, but I did agree to come in a little earlier than originally planned.

I didn’t bother changing my clothes from the day before, because it hurt too much.  By noon, the main roads were decent enough to make the trek to the doctor’s office.  When I got there, the nurses removed my bandaging to take a look at my incisions. Yes that hurt tremendously.  I wasn’t sure which hurt worse, the movement of my shoulder as they tried to get through my sling and clothing to get to the bandages, or the tape stripping my skin off with it.  I was relieved when it was over.  The doctor was quite pleased with how well everything looked and he wrote me a couple new prescriptions for pain and nausea.  I was told to stay out of work for two weeks, but the way our new time off system at work is, I would be completely screwed for the next six months if didn’t return to work by Monday.  The doctor hesitated to release me to work that fast, but gave me a note without a date on in should I change my mind.

I then spent the next 40 minutes struggling through the reemerging pain while we waited for my new prescriptions to get filled.  Once we had the new prescriptions, lunch was in order so I could take the pills.  We stopped for a bite to eat and I happily choked down my new drugs.  We had one more stop to make.  In my overly enthusiastic pre-surgery vision of how I thought the week would go, I made an appointment to get our taxes done so I would not need one more reason to take off work later on.  By the time we reached the accountant’s office, I was struggling to stay awake.  The rest of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday were pretty much a blur.  I kept my medication in me around the clock, diligently taking it every four hours to make sure I did not experience a repeat of the pain.  I barely experienced much of anything.  No movie catch up time as planned, no school work catch up time like I thought, just sleep.  My girls both disappeared for two days to stay with friends so I didn’t eat much either.  It was too much of a hassle to do anything being home alone.

Sunday, knowing that I would have to return to work Monday but would not be able to do so on my medication, I attempted to go a day without pain meds.  I caught up on my school work, watched a movie and continued sleeping.  The pain was not gone, but it was bearable for the most part.

Now here it is Monday, my first day back to work.  I didn’t want to come in.  I was awake, that wasn’t the problem.  It was the thought of actually staying awake a full nine hours that seemed difficult.  But I had to give it a shot.  I showered and dressed.  I struggled to look like my normal work self, but that wasn’t going to quite happen.   Oh well, so I will look like I actually had surgery.  The ride in was a little nauseating.  I wasn’t used to being a passenger in rush hour any more, but at least I could close my eyes and not pay attention.  I arrived to work in a haze.  A feeling that would not go away all day.  I tried to not take any medication, but by lunch time I needed it.  I brought my original prescription with me, the weaker of my choices.  After eating a sufficient amount of bland white rice just to serve a purpose (I wasn’t hungry otherwise), I took my medication.  It worked.  I managed to finish out my day without falling asleep and without a tremendous amount of pain.  I may not remember much of what took place today, but I made it through.  Now I am ready for my real meds. Only four more days to go this week.




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