The Garden

There once was a village
With nary a care in the world
It faired quite greatly
It’s inhabitants always in a whirl

But just on the outskirts
Of this lovely little town
There stood an unobtrusive wall
None had observed or ever found

Then one sunny day
As a villager passed by
On his travels through town
This obscure wall he did spy

He moved in closer to the wall
Where he found a small crack
And while taking great care
He began with his chisel to tap

When he gained a small opening
He peered through to the other side14717751-ladder-to-a-hole-in-brick-wall-3d-render-illustration
He saw something so beautiful
He did not want to remove his eyes

There was a heavenly garden
Beautiful like none had ever seen
He couldn’t believe his luck
He thought this must be a dream

He continued to work at the wall
Both night and day
Until the wall finally crumbled
And he found sanctuary to play

This heavenly garden so beautiful
So peaceful, so rare
She loved this man dearly
She took him in with great care

Soon the villagers took notice
Of this beautiful site
The man wanted her all for himselfSpiritual-Garden
He was in a terrible plight

He started to pick her flowers
Wanting to preserve their beauty
But with each stem removed
A little death started looming

Her bees started to sting him
To keep him from doing more damage
But he would step on the bees
In order to avoid their rampage

The garden started to wither
And with that he took less care
Where she once had lush grass
She now started to grow bare

He found her less beautiful
So he attempted feeble improvements
But the villagers continued to seek her
So he sought other sanctuary movements

He wanted to keep the garden
So he picked every one of her flowers
But regardless of his love for her
Her flowers would wither within hours

The garden that once was so beautiful
So heavenly and full of life
Was slowly withering and dying way
No matter how hard the bees would fight

Then one day the man returned
The beautiful garden was no longer there
The wall that he tore down
Had been built and repaired

When no one was paying attention
The wall was slowly being restored
Brick by brick the bees had rebuilt it
Stronger than ever before

Gone was her serene beauty
His sanctuary, her heavenly embrace
Because of his selfishness and lack of care
She will never again be seen by him or any other face


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