One of Those Days

It’s one of those days.

One where it all becomes too much and you just want to give in or give up.  One where no matter how much good you do, it seems the bad will always triumph.

One of those days that make you ask “what’s it all for?”  A day where you want to lay in bed and just not respond to anything anymore.

I surrender. Here’s my white flag. Can I quit the game now?  I’m tired of trying. I no longer know how.

But then there’s an angel on my shoulder; whispering in my ear: “Look how far you’ve come. Look at all you hold dear.”

“Don’t give up. It will be worth it in the end. There are more miracles coming. You are loved my dear friend.”

Yes, it’s one of those days. 20131230-050651

By Kris Heaton Posted in Poetry

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