Rock and Roll!


Tonight I have just attended my 50th Concert!  (See Rock On!)  What made it extra special is that I went with my girls.  We saw Def Leppard, Tesla and Styx; All bands that I have seen before; however, Def Leppard is one of my daughter’s favorites. I think back to all the bands that were big “before” my time that I would have loved to have seen live but never will (like The Doors or the Beatles), and so I am very happy that these bands are still around for my girls to enjoy (they love the 80’s rock bands just as much I do!).

Ok, so now you may be saying why is this only my 50th concert?  That’s not a very high average per year!  Well that may be so; however, had I attended concerts every year since I have been old enough, this number would be astronomically higher at the rate that I do attend.  However, there were several years where I lived in places that did not see many concerts come through town.  Then there the times I was struggling financially and could not attend.  Of course there were the years my children were very young and getting a baby sitter just added to the cost exponentially.  But now my kids are old enough to stay home alone (or even attend the shows with me), and I find myself living in Music City (aka Nashville, Tennessee), where the shows are abundant in any and every music genre you can imagine.  Being the music lover that I am, I have never been happier in all my life!  But more importantly, I am getting to share something I love with two people I treasure more than any thing on this planet…my daughters.

So here’s to celebrating 50, and I hope there will be 50 more!  🙂

If you would like to see what shows I have attended, please check out my blog:  Rock On!
Music is the only person that listens

By Kris Heaton Posted in Music

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